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Page 4 - Tuina FAQ

Self Massage

Here are several examples of self-Tuina, a very powerful technique for maintaining your own health. The techniques illustrated are used for for general well-being. Tuina also uses very specific techniques to help cure specific illnesses. We suggest a proper Oriental diagnosis from a Tuina practitioner or a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine before attempting to treat any specific condition.

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Performing "Tui" (pressing and dragging) on both sides of the forehead.

Bend the two index fingers and conduct Tui with the 2nd knuckles, from the midline of the forehead (acupoint Yintang EXHN3) to the midpoint of the anterior hairline (toward the left and right acupoint Sizhukong SJ23). Perform this 40 to 60 times or until discomfort is felt.

Performing "Mo" (palm rubbing) on both temples

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Put the surfaces of both thumbs tightly on the hairlines around the temples and slide them backwards forcefully, pressing with both palms and surfaces of the thumbs. Do this about 30 times or until a sensation of soreness and distension is felt.

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