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Spring 2016.
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Page 4 - Reflexology: "Sole Searching"

Corresponding Organs

The Body-Mind Interconnection

There are several body-centered therapies which recognize the body-mind interconnection and hold that many physiological problems are related to the somatization or holding in of emotions and various attitudes. That creates physical tension and energetic blockages that shape the structure and functioning of the body. Even though the practice of reflexology does help dissolve energetic blockages and thereby helps release or resolve withheld emotions and to foster spiritual growth, classical reflexology theory does not address the role of emotions as do other body-centered therapies. Moreover, none of those therapies, to my knowledge, adequately address the spiritual aspects of physiological disorders. For that reason, to expand the scope of reflexology, I am grafting the knowledge--along with my growing spiritual awareness and discoveries--onto the reflexology techniques that I use.

People often ask me how I can work on feet. The truth to tell, it is a labor of love. It is my predilection. I am meant to do it and I accept my task with joy.


©1995 Qi Journal. Ray Beck is a Reflexologist, freelance writer, and a lawyer, located in Chicago, IL. He conducts workshops on Reflexology and on the legality of natural healing at two holistic learning institutes He has appeared on several TV and radio programs including: CNN, the Jenney Jones Show, Cable NBC, and Medical TV.

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