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Page 4 - Ancient Medicine for a New Millennium

Over two years of study and practice are challenged and refined by treating real patients in Clinical Internship. Intern activities include the formulation of diagnosis, treatment plan, and prognosis, and the implementation of treatment for a wide variety of individual patients. Students are guided to develop and maintain the highest standards of professionalism and responsibility for patients until such standards become habits. Students master the principles of Oriental herbal and acupuncture treatment and directly experience the result of their studies when their patients' conditions improve.

The Clinical Internship program provides almost 600 hours of training, during which time an intern will have participated in at least 250 patient visits. With total of over 1000 hours of training in the college's clinic, as well as internships at local clinics & hospitals, students develop acupuncture techniques, evaluation and diagnosis skills, professional conduct, and confidence in practice.

All Pacific's Master's-level programs lead to primary health-care competence in the field of Oriental medicine, enabling graduates to take licensure and certification examinations and become an integral part of the modern health care system. Pacific's record of students passing state and national examinations is among the best in the nation. Graduates typically build a private practice as associates in established clinics. Others are hired by multidisciplinary clinics and work alongside medical doctors, chiropractors and others.

The widening acceptance of Oriental medicine by allied health care providers can be seen by the integration of acupuncture and Oriental medicine in community health centers across the country. Pacific College engages in active cooperation in this integration with the wider medical community in the cities it serves. In a dozen facilities, student interns use acupuncture to treat a variety of disorders from tobacco cessation to pain in terminally ill patients.

Most clinics are low cost and offer patients acupuncture as an effective means of treatment in addition to basic Western medical care. Many of the clinics service prisoners, ex-offenders, homeless and HIV-positive populations. At facilities such as Yonkers Community Hospital and University of California@San Diego, Pacific interns work in conjunction with medical personnel treating pain and related symptoms.

To provide its student body personal access to the authors and researchers of Oriental and holistic medicine, Pacific College organizes the annual Pacific Symposium. The finest speakers from around the world, including Ted Kaptchuk and Giovanni Maciocia, join students and hundreds of licensed acupuncturists for eight days of learning and sharing. Pacific Symposium is recognized as the leading continuing education event in the profession.

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