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Reflexology Sole Searching

The feet are the mirrors reflecting physiological conditions throughout the body. Reflexology is a dynamic natural healing technique that activates the body's healing potential through the systematic application of pressure to points or "reflexes" on feet and/or hands. It is powerful yet easy to do, and it can help virtually every health problem because it de-stresses the individual, allowing the body to heal itself. Spine is represented by this area

I had my first direct experience with reflexology in 1982. I was dating a massage therapist at the time. One evening, she told me that she wanted to do reflexology on my feet. I hadn't heard of that practice, so I asked her what it was. When she replied that points on the feet affect the entire body, I laughed. I was a state prosecutor who dealt in facts and logic, and the idea seemed preposterous. Reluctantly, I submitted to her request. As my friend proceeded to work on my feet, I was amazed; I could feel the energy traveling throughout my entire body. She moved her hands to work on the balls of my feet and asked me if I could feel the sensations anywhere else. When I told her I could feel them in my chest, she smiled and nodded. I was astounded when she showed me a foot chart that depicted that area as a chest reflex. We repeated that exercise some five or ten times and each time, without my knowing in advance where the corresponding reflexes were on the feet, I felt impulses in the body areas shown on the chart. I had to suspend my disbelief. It was an astonishing experience--and besides, her administrations felt wonderful and were tremendously relaxing.

That did it. I read every book on the subject that I could find. I practiced on my friends and girlfriends. I even had some embarrassing moments as I sat on the floor in my law offices, working on other attorneys and staff members. In 1983, I was at a summer camp when another camper fell down the stairs and hurt her back. She came to me for help. I was just beginning to learn the technique and I didn't know if I could help her, but I decided to work on her spinal reflex areas--and she left without pain.

Next, I worked on a childhood friend who had Meniere's syndrome, a disturbance of the inner ear. As I worked on the foot reflexes to his ear, I found and eliminated some mushy structures that didn't belong there. To my knowledge, he has never had another episode of that disorder. Now I was on my way.

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