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Summer 2018.
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Acupuncture and TCM Articles

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Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Articles

Applying TCM Principles to Western Psychotherapy

Applying TCM Principles to Western Psychotherapy. Most patients that have chronic physical ailments also have chronic corresponding psychological problems. A practitioner who is dealing with this type of patient is wise to consider the entire individual and both aspects of these expressions of illness.

In The Land Of The Blind

While it is Chinese acupuncture that has taken the lead in the practice of Oriental medicine in the west, interest is increasing in some of the other traditions and a growing movement in Japanese acupuncture is beginning to emerge.

Is Your Clinic Scaring Patients Away?

Do you hear that muffled gasp and the sound of footsteps fading down the hall? It’s your clinic door squeaking closed on the patient you’ll never see.

New Energy of Spring

The foundation of Chinese philosophy is that human beings are a part of this universe in which we live, and the universe is forever changing.

Reflexology: "Sole Searching"

The feet are the mirrors reflecting physiological conditions throughout the body. Blockages of blood, breath or energy, any disease, injury, illnesor tension in the body is reflected on the corresponding reflex area of the foot.

Scientifically Seeing Qi

Skeptics in the west (as well as those in the east) might tell us such things as, It is invisible, intangible and immeasurable, therefore it is unreal and does not exist.

The Mysterious Powers of Spring

The mysterious powers of Spring create wind in heaven and they create wood upon the earth. Within the body they create muscles and of the five viscera they create the liver.

Tuina FAQ

Chinese Tuina (Massage) uses pressure and manipulation. The concept is simple...when the Qi flows freely, the body is healthy. These 4 pages include: History and theory, what to expect during a session, and examples of self-massage.

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