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Why Meditation is Important in Martial Arts
Jachym Jerie sitting in meditation posture

To reach the full potential as a martial arts practitioner, you must begin by training your mind. One way to accomplish this task is through sitting meditation. Through meditation your awareness, calm, and focus will increase. These are all very important factors in martial arts. Without awareness, you will not be able to fight in a battle without getting hit or even killed. Without focus, you will not be able to catch the right opportunity to strike or defend, which could be disastrous. Without calmness, you will not be able to focus or relax. If you tense up out of fear, you will burn out quickly. You must learn how to manipulate your energy, which will be referred to as Qi (), in the body so it will not disperse unused. Also, you can activate more energy when it is really necessary.

All these benefits can be gained through embryonic breathing, which is the type of meditation focused on in this article.

Embryonic Breathing Theory

Hand Position

To understand the concept of embryonic breathing, you have to know the basic energy system of the body.

The human body has two polarities, one resides in the brain, and the other is in the abdomen region. The latter is called the real lower Dantian (??), while the former is known as the upper Dantian. There is another Dantian positioned at the solar plexus area, but not covered in this article. The lower Dantian is the battery for the whole body. It resides in the abdomen region. The structure of the abdomen allows Qi to be stored to a high level and from there it can supply the whole body. Some years ago, scientists discovered that humans have a second brain which resides in the abdomen. This brain is in charge of the enteric nervous system.

The upper Dantian is in the limbic system located between the ears. Some Qi Gong (??) practitioners believe that this is the residence of the spirit and your true self.

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