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The Pitfalls of meditation -- Dazed by Sensation

Most people find the benefits of meditation elusive, and in this short article I will show you what meditation is and what it isn't. And once you understand how and why it works, suddenly all your efforts will be magnified a hundred fold. Meditation

It's almost funny how people learn meditation from a book or a teacher, and all their efforts are simply aimed at mimicking their teacher. You can try with all your heart to perfect your teachers ways and techniques, but not until you understand how meditation works, will you see dramatic results.

It's as though someone wanting to learn about God walks into a church and does not leave, all the while thinking that what they have found is the totality of wisdom. Few people realize that there are 100s of ways to meditate, and when you finally do discover how to make meditation work for you, there will be 101.

All meditation falls into two categories. You're either meditating on a single object, to the exclusion of all else, like a candle flame, your breath, the inner light, or a mantra. In this way, by focusing on a single element you block out everything else, and are left with the experience of your true self, where all regrets and expectations melt away and you find yourself in a state of peace and bliss... one with everything and everyone. Or... at the other end of the spectrum, you may choose not to focus the mind but to let it run as it may, but establish yourself as an observer. Let all your thoughts and emotions appear and disappear. Watch them all come and go and eventually under the vigilante eye of the observer, you'll experience a great sense of power and purpose and you too will be at peace with yourself and everyone else.

Those are the two extremes. And though you may be able to see how your meditation technique fits into one of these broad categories, you still don't see how meditation works. You still don't understand why. We'll get to that.

A bull in a china shop will invariably make some mistakes. We, born into these human bodies, similarly cannot help but make mistakes. We're completely out of our element here. We are in fact, not physical beings who have a spiritual life, but spiritual beings who have a physical life. The mind controls all. And even though we speak coherently, walk and talk, and fulfill all our daily responsibilities, we... our minds, are as out of control as the bull in the china shop. All that stuff we do. All those skills we know--those are nothing more than learned behavior that we can repeat on command. In that way we're very much like a trained animal.

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