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Qigong for Weight Loss

Before commencing this or any other weight loss program consult with your appropriate healthcare providers. If any procedures in this article cause mental or physical discomfort stop doing them and see your doctor.



Rather than changing external behavior, this is an invitation to change who and what you are. You no longer need be addicted to overeating and physical laziness.

The technique herein offered is a fusion of Chinese Daoist (Taoist) and Qigong like-meditations with Swiss psychiatrist Carl G. Jung's concepts of the unconscious. Academic purists may hate it, and call it no more than a simplistic reduction; but the author has personally used it and taught it and seen that it can work: it is possible to create a new more healthy you by assimilating the energy patterns of the slender person who is already in you.

Today there is an overweight/obesity epidemic in the western world. In the 2007 U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 63% of Americans are said to be overweight, and 26% as obese. These figures are shocking.

Eating too much and not enough physical activity seem to be the cause for this. Diets and exercises are prescribed (or diet pills, or stomach surgery)however for most people this does not work. The ancient and modern science and art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) seeks out and tries to correct the underlying basis of an illness, rather than just an attempt to eliminate symptoms. Eating disorders usually are the consequence of habitual thoughts, emotions, and behavior. This leads to an imbalance of Life Vitality Energy (Qi or Chi) which in a feedback pattern returns to create even more improper thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

As a baby, our needed love and security are to be found in the mother's breast (or its bottled substitutes). The problem is that for any baby there always comes a time when food is denied and therefore its attendant feelings of love and security.

We grow up, but for many of us food continues to equal the love and security that we so deeply desire, and so we overeat.

Eating too much does not grant love and security. The already unbalanced qi flow in the body and mind of the person is made worse. The pattern of emotional painovereatingmore emotional painmore overeating seems uncontrollable. However qigong can aid in correcting this situation.


Wen Chang. Taoist God of Learning.

Wen-chang, Taoist God of Learning, Literature, and (as Zhang Ya Zi) Transformations.

Qigong Defined

Qi is universal energy. It is the essence of life.

As electricity flows through a television causing pictures on a screen, Qi flows through our bodies and brains causing the sensations of conscious awareness and the images of our thoughts. In English it is sometimes written as "chi" or "ch'i."

Gong means accomplishment, as in "the achievement of skill through diligent hard work over time." Occasionally in English it is written as "Kung."

Qigong is "life vitality cultivation." It works with mind, breath, visualizations, and physical positions and movements. Those who practice it learn to live in the present momentand not stress about things in the past, or possible situations in the future which may cause mindless overeating. Qigong also aids in toning and sculpting the body and mind. Because you feel better you eat better and have the energy to move more vigorously. This article will focus on inner work rather than any of its external exercises.



The following meditation/visualization/contemplation begins with a somewhat simplified version of what is called the Microcosmic Orbit ("small heavenly circuit"). If you have your own methods of moving qi throughout the energy pathways of the body you may freely do that instead, then continue to the creation and absorption of the proper new slender you as described below.

Its visualization techniques are meant to delve deeply into the subconscious mind to effect change and are only proper for those with a healthy secure sense of personal identity. If you suffer or have suffered from mental illness do not practice this meditation by yourself. As with any advanced qigong, it is best to learn personally from a grandmaster (i.e., "a teacher of teachers"). Do these in order, mastering each step before moving to the next. If you have difficulty in actually perceiving the Qi in any of the steps then just use your imagination; in time that should make it happen.

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