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Get your Qi moving with Brain Vibration

It’s mid-morning as I sit at my computer desk and feel my energy waning. I slept well last night and ate breakfast, but already I feel the drain of “information overload” – a series of meetings, emails, phone calls and internet searches that have kept the neurons in my brain firing non-stop since I arrived at the office.

In past years, I would have hit the soda machine and grabbed a Snicker’s bar. But now, more aware of how to regulate internal energy flow, my colleagues and I have made a pact to support one another in regular, twice daily breaks from the intense focus normally directed at our computer screens to boost our ki (qi/chi).

Luckily, we work for a company that allows such activity, knowing that short “energy breaks” can help to improve our metabolism, stimulate our brain’s ability to focus, and actually increase our productivity.

Michela plays a rhythmic beat on her computer speakers and we begin a series of movements specifically designed to stimulate the flow of ki and calm our brain activity. Virtually all oriental medicine and martial arts theories assert that the body has natural patterns of energy that circulate along key channels in the body, called meridians. When the ki is strong and flowing smoothly, we are living in a state of health and balance. When the ki is weak or blocked, dis-ease or various health imbalances arise. Ki is believed to affect our organs, our emotions, and our brain’s ability to function.

Within moments, the tension in my neck and shoulders begins to release. After about ten minutes, the music fades and we resume our seats. The entire office feels alert and refreshed and the clicking of our computer keyboards resume as if they never missed a beat.

What is Brain Wave Vibration?

My co-workers and I have discovered a powerful, easy-to-follow brain fitness and holistic healing method that helps stimulate the flow of ki to bring our bodies and minds back into balance. It’s called brain wave vibration. It combines ancient healing practices and ki training techniques from Korea with modern scientific understanding of the brain. In its simplest form the practice merely requires moving our bodies to our own internal, natural rhythms in order to slow down and balance our brain wave activity. The therapeutic benefits are similar to those of Qigong which regulate the activity of the cerebral cortex, the central nervous system, and the cardio-vascular system. The advantage of brain wave vibration is that it does not take years to master and can be performed anytime, anywhere by people of all abilities. It is a shortcut to tapping into your own inner, vibratory resonance.

It is so simple that you can take a break from reading this article and try it right now: Simply close your eyes and begin to gently shake your head back and forth. Slowly follow your body’s own natural movements from side to side. Breathe in through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. As you do so, focus on the movement of your head and the base of your neck, and try to let go of any thoughts. Practice for about two minutes, at whatever pace is comfortable, and then slow your head to a stop. Remain still, with your eyes still closed, and feel the subtle vibration tingling inside you.

Do you feel a bit more relaxed? Have you released tension in your neck and shoulders? Can you sense your own essence—your ki? Now open your eyes and see if you don’t feel a bit more refreshed and able to focus.

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