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Page 10 - Medical Qigong Therapy & Surgery

Phantom Pains of Amputated Organs

Amputation may be necessary as a result of severe injury or massive infection, such as Gangrene. During surgical amputation, the soft tissues are cut in such a way that they cover the end of the remaining bone in order to heal completely. This allows the body's tissues to seal and protect itself from the external environment. "Ghost" or "Phantom" Pains are caused by the patient's energetic connection with the amputated tissues (through the internal "Energetic Spacial Cavity," and/or external "Energetic Boundary System"). The Phantom limb (usually one of the body's extremities, i.e. finger, hand, arm, etc.) exists in an energetic state and continues to interact with the patient's external field of Wei Qi, as well as the patient's Shen. Any interaction with the space or energetic field of the amputated organ will produce a direct response to the patient similar to that of contacting the actual physical limb.

Rehabilitation programs generally do not prepare the patient for such reactions as Phantom Pains, which tend to leave the patient perplexed and frustrated. To alleviate the symptoms of Phantom pains, the Qigong doctor will sedate the patient's Wei Qi field that surrounds the amputated limb, and assist the patient in re-patterning the old energetic field to fit the postoperative tissue formation. The Qigong doctor can also prescribe Juniper Berries, which will relieve the Phantom pain symptoms.

Medical Qigong Therapy and the Treatment of Scar Tissue

After surgery, some scar tissue formation is inevitable. Since both the body's inner-facia and channels (which are responsible for the lubrication of the tissues) have been severed due to the insertion of the surgeon's scalpel. In order to minimize the degree of scar tissue formation, the Qigong doctor can use Qi Extension techniques on the sutured area, extending his intention deep into the patient's body. The doctor's focus of intention should be on dispersing Stagnations and Regulating the flow of the undercurrent of Qi through the sutured tissues. Emphasis should be placed on reconnecting the patient's channels and collaterals, depending on the location of the surgery. After which, the doctor will focus on Regulating the external and internal flow of energy from within and without the patient's tissue area.

In treating scar tissue formation, which has laid dormant for quite some time, Tissue Regulation through Tui Na Therapy is required. After using the proper Tissue Regulation Method the Qigong doctor will end the treatment by using the One Finger Skill technique along the line of the patient's external scar. In order to perform this method, one thumb is placed on the end of the scar, while the doctor's other thumb presses into tissue, slowly outlining the entire scar (heating and energizing the patient's tissues). The doctor will end the treatment with both thumbs placed at the beginning and ending of the scar, extending his energy through the patient's tissue in a circular pattern. This technique will naturally induce an energetic/emotional release of the memories trapped within the scar tissue, centered around the surgery.


Jerry Alan Johnson PhD, DTCM, DMQ (China), Dean of Medical Qigong Science, Five Branches Institute, College of T.C.M., Santa Cruz, California. Excerpted with permission from his book entitled " Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy"
©Reprinted from the Spring 2000 issue of Qi Journal

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