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Page 9 - Medical Qigong Therapy & Surgery

Phase 3: The Postoperative Stage. This stage involved a continuation of the mitigation of the effects of surgery: working to tonify my kidneys to bring my temperature up and to offset the shock of surgery, as well as using acupressure points to calm my heart and stomach during the nausea. I was reminded upon awakening, to do my Microcosmic Orbit exercise. Dr. Johnson then proceeded to "dredge" or comb over the incision to reconnect my pre-energetic channel and tissue patterns in order to facilitate healing and to reduce scar tissue. The healing of the incision was fast. My doctors later remarked at how quickly I healed, and how little scar tissue there was compared to similar surgeries. I've since read of studies conducted with therapeutic touch that resulted in significantly faster healing of tissues in patients who received this type of therapy.

Phase 4: Follow-Up and Remedial Prescriptions. During the days following surgery, Dr. Johnson taught me several meditations: The "Divine Healing Light Meditation" for healing the tumor bed and incision and the "Heaven and Earth Spleen Meditation" that fuses a ball of energy where the spleen once was--allowing me to continue to produce the energetic pattern of the spleen within my body. I began doing these meditations the day following surgery for the week of hospitalization, and continued to practice them along with the Microcosmic Orbit exercises throughout my recovery.

Phase 5: Radiation. After several weeks of recuperation, I was scheduled to received radiation treatments daily (Monday through Friday) for six weeks. Each day I would perform the Medical Qigong exercises (vocal and physical prescriptions) outdoors in a field overlooking the ocean. Then I would drive to the hospital for the 15 minutes of radiation, followed by a session with Dr. Johnson every other day. I understood that the Medical Qigong exercises and sessions would offset the heat in the tissues while protecting surrounding organs from unwarranted harm. There was concern about the possible loss of function in one kidney, but blood tests during the treatments showed no noticeable effects on them or on my liver. In addition, unexpected by-products of the Medical Qigong sessions involved the release of emotional memories and an experience of the Divine in my healing process.

On alternate days after radiation, I had acupuncture and pranic healing with Jason Gill L.Ac. who teaches classes in Chinese Herbs and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Dr. Johnson's International Institute of Medical Qigong. Through these treatments, and the use of Chinese herbs, my immune system was strengthened. These complimentary modalities, combined with my body's own healing abilities with visualization, and aided by the direction of positive energy by these two therapists, enabled me to avoid the typical side-effects of nausea and diarrhea, and to maintain my energy levels in sufficient quantity to continue driving to the radiation treatments on my own.

It is hard for me to imagine what this entire experience might have been like without the support of a doctor of Medical Qigong. I am truly grateful for Dr. Johnson's dedication, discipline and expertise that enabled him to be present for me throughout all aspects of this illness. It was a gift that I would encourage other patients to utilize for themselves in combination with any traditional allopathic program for cancer. I had the best of both worlds working for me in a remarkable manner thanks to all of my doctors.

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