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Page 8 - Medical Qigong Therapy & Surgery

Follow-up and Remedial Prescriptions

The follow-up and remedial prescriptions will be determined according to the specific type of surgery the patient has undergone. The prescriptions must be designed in order to purge, strengthen and regulate any organ(s) that have been weakened by the surgery, as well as circulate the patient's energy in order to reduce any energetic stagnations which may have been caused by internal organ movement and fascia damage. This will assist the patient in an escalated recovery, as well as reduce postoperative Depression, which often follows after major surgery.

Sometimes, when assisting patients who are healing from severe diseases (i.e., malignant tumors and cancer), additional Western Therapies such as Radiation or Chemotherapy are required. For example:

Patient Testimony

Summary of events surrounding my pancreatic surgery, June 16, 1997 at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula by Thea Sagin (female patient--age 50).

On June 16, 1997, emergency surgery to remove a fist-sized tumor from the tail of my pancreas, resulted in my former Sifu (Martial Arts Master), Jerry Alan Johnson, changing roles to become an "Energy Therapist." Thanks to my admitting physician, Dr. Stephanie Taylor, who facilitated the arrangement, Dr. Johnson was the first representative of Chinese Medical Qigong therapy allowed to enter surgery at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.

As my Energy Therapist, Dr. Johnson conducted a preoperative session during which he facilitated the energetic and emotional release of my tumor. He then accompanied me into the 4 hour surgery during which he maintained my energy levels while reminding my tissues of their preoperative energetic patterns in order to facilitate rapid healing. He continued to work with me through the postoperative healing, and followed up several days after surgery. It was his vital support and insights that helped me to undergo the recommended course of radiation therapy.

The following is a synopsis of the Medical Qigong therapy that I experienced along with the traditional Western modalities used to treat my pancreatic islet-cell tumor.

Phase 1: The Preoperative Stage consisted of a Medical Qigong session directed toward putting me in touch with the tumor, my relationship to it, and the emotions associated with it. This was followed with an atonement with the Divine and relinquishment of control, removal of the armoring around my tumor, and subsequent release of emotions with it. I actually "saw" the disconnected energetic attachments of the tumor as they detached from my organs and were blowing like ostrich feather segments in a wind. I also saw a bright neon sign on the tumor that identified it's emotional source. This entire process took only an hour, yet it facilitated closure with the tumor in order for me to easily release it during the surgery, which immediately followed the session. It also provided me with insights that helped my emotional healing over the months following surgery.

Phase 2: Surgery. I entered surgery without any sedatives and was filled with a tremendous sense of peace and empowerment in knowing that the hospital was honoring my energetic, as well as my physical needs. The surgery lasted for four hours during which Dr. Johnson connected with my energy fields and monitored, as well as maintained, my energy levels. He continued treating me and working with my energetic fields as the anesthesia was administered, and as the two surgeons opened my cavity, moved structures, removed the tumor (along with the tail of my pancreas and the spleen), and then sutured and closed my abdominal cavity.

Throughout the surgery Dr. Johnson stood at my head, where energy enters through the crown, and facilitated the running of energy into my center channel in the core of my body. He described his work as following the actions of the surgeons, and my body's response to these actions: the incision, the movement of internal organs, the resection of the tumor, and the final suturing. He used this opportunity to change the energetic grid formations in the tumor bed to prevent regrowth of the tumor, which was malignant.

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