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Page 7 - Falun Gong: A Way of Cultivation Practice

It has been witnessed that at the time of nirvana, bodies of Lamas in Tibet are transformed into beams of light. There are also sarira (relics of a monk after cremation) collections in some temples. Why do cultivators experience such phenomenon but not ordinary people? Cultivation can extend human lives, but those people who have achieved this are not allowed to stay in ordinary human society. If all supernatural phenomenons were made public, human society would not be lost in a maze any more and ordinary people would all see the truth of the universe, making the earth a God's world. A person, who had gone to the mountains, told me about how he saw a cultivator who was 2-3 thousand years old. I believe that the Buddha had died for the same reason. He left this physical body and his soul had gone back.

Mr. Cohen criticized a survey done in Beijing, which I think is unfair. A survey is not a control study. It is a report of a possible trend by subjective findings and should not be treated by the standard of scientific study. As long as a conductor is using a valid method, it does not matter who the conductor is. As a matter of fact, the survey was conducted under the supervision of an official agency--the Physical Education Bureau. It found Falun Gong's disease effective rate to be 97%. The reason for the quoted conclusion was because the results showed the disease effective rate to be in direct proportion to the length of practice and time devoted for law study. This makes sense, because our cultivation way emphasizes on the cultivation of Xinxing. The more time for study, the more one will understand the law and follow it to improve Xinxing. Did this suggest a placebo effect? If you can call a postmenopausal woman who regained her period a placebo effect, if you can call a end-stage cancer patient whose metastasis liver tumor disappeared on a follow-up MRI after several months of Falun Gong practice without other treatments a placebo effect, if you can call a lady with a history of paralysis for 14 years who started to walk after practicing Falun Gong a placebo effect, then I will agree with you.

I have explained what Xinxing is. Mr. Li pointed out: "matter and mind are of one thing".(11) During Falun Gong practice, after I have discarded some bad attachments and upgraded my Xinxing, I can feel my mind become pure and my body become lighter. Those practitioners who have diseases will become disease free. Just like Mr. Li explained: "If a bottle filled with dirty things is sealed tightly and put into the water, it will sink to the bottom. You pour out some of its dirty things. The more you empty the bottle, the higher it will float in water. If it is completely emptied, it will float completely on the surface."(11) Zhuan Falun systemically elicits the relationship between taking and not taking medicine in the course of cultivation practice. Mr. Li never asked practitioner not to take medicine. In fact, he has said: "If you think you have diseases, you should immediately go to the hospital."(14)

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