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Page 6 - Medical Qigong Therapy & Surgery

Figure 1:

LungsBrilliant Pure White
Large IntestinesAbalone-shell White
StomachDeep Yellow
SpleenOrange Yellow
HeartRed wiuth Blue Tint
Small IntestinePink
BladderDeep Blue
KidneysLight Pastel Blue
PeriocardiumPurple Red
Triple BurnersOrange Red
Gall BladderPale Chartreuse
LiverDark Green

Stage 1: The Hookup: Generally several days after the surgery, while the patient is still recovering, the Qigong doctor will have the patient imagine him or herself being connected to the Heavens and rooted to the Earth. Next, the patient will begin color visualization.

Stage 2: Choosing the Appropriate Color: In order to prescribe the correct color, it is important for the Qigong doctor to know what organ or organ systems have either been removed, or seriously affected by the surgery. Once the Qigong doctor knows which organ systems have been affected, the patient is then assigned specific color meditations. These color meditations are needed in order to Tonify and strengthen the energetic fields which support the traumatized tissues. These meditations are also used to reestablish a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual connection to the area of trauma.

The list (figure 1 above) are the general colors associated with the body's organs and channels. Think of these colors as extensions of energy originating from the original organs.

Figure 2

Stage 3: Cleaning and Energizing the Spatial Cavity: After the doctor has selected the proper organ color for the patient to meditate upon, he or she will give the patient specific images used in order to cleans, purify, create and energize the tissues. These meditations will create a solid energetic transformation stabilizing the patient's energetic field.

1. Cleansing and Purifying: The patient will begin this meditation by imagining that his or her fingers and toes are straws. As the patient inhales, he or she will imagine Divine White Light Energy flowing from the Heavens and Earth into the fingers and toes, filling the specific area which has been traumatized by the surgery (figure 2). As the patient exhales, he or she will imagine any pathogenic Qi leaving the tissues, releasing and leaving his or her body via the fingers and toes. The patient will continue to perform this cleansing meditation for several minutes until he or she feels that the specific area has been purified.

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