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Page 5 - Medical Qigong Therapy & Surgery

During surgery, the surgeon's scalpel will sever several of the patient's channels as he or she cuts through the surface of the skin and continues into the deeper regions of the patient's body. Each channel that is being disconnected will weaken the patient's energetic field corresponding to that specific organ and/or organ systems, further weakening the patient's body. It is the Qigong doctor's responsibility to maintain connection with the patient's energy field, and also monitor and maintain the patient's energy level. The Qigong doctor will maintain this connection as the surgeons open up the patient's body cavity, move internal organs, remove the diseased tissues (and any associated structures), and then suture and close the patient's body cavity.

When the patient is being sutured, the Qigong doctor must facilitate the patient's circulation of their Micro-Cosmic Orbit in order to stimulate the re-connection of any of the patient's internal and external channels which have been severed. The Qigong doctor must also change and rebuild the Energetic Grid formations in the body's internal and external energetic fields. The patient's Energetic Grid is reconstructed to a pre-diseased pattern in order to prevent the regrowth of the disease.

Medical Qigong and Postoperative Therapy

The separation and restructuring of the inner fasciae that occurred during surgery can cause serious postoperative problems by either stopping the Qi from flowing (causing Stagnations), or altering the energies natural course (causing Deviations). This is why after the surgery has been completed, it is extremely important for the Qigong doctor to immediately dredge and disperse the Turbid Qi from the patient's body. This is performed by energetically combing over the fresh incisions, in order to reconnect the patient's energetic preoperative patterns, promote the rapid healing of the patient's wounded tissues, reduce the formation of scar tissue, and continue to alleviate the effects of the surgery.

In order to facilitate an escalated healing, the Qigong doctor must also energize the patient's Kidneys and any energetic field which may have been depleted. Also, in order to bring the patient's temperature back to normal and disperse any feelings of nausea after the anesthesia and shock of surgery wear off, certain Heart, Pericardium and Stomach Channel points will be stimulated.

It is important to note that after an operation, the patient's Dantians and all his or her tissues have been depleted and need to be revitalized. While the patient is healing, the color of the aura located in the field of Wei Qi surrounding the area of the surgical trauma is usually dark to light gray. In order to increase the healing potential, the Qigong doctor will give the patient specific prescriptions as well as White Light Meditation images. This is prescribed in order to energize and replenish the patient's damaged tissues and energy fields. The Qigong doctor will also continue to work on rebuilding, reconnecting and reinforcing the patient's channels and energetic Grids which the surgeon has severed during the operation.

Medical Qigong Therapy and Recreating Organ Energy

Once an organ has been removed, there remains an energetic "void" within the "Spatial Cavity" of the patient's tissues. The energy of the organ, however, still exists within the patient's body, as a "Phantom Organ." This energetic phenomena is due to the creative "Blue-Printing" of the Prenatal and Postnatal formation of the body's tissues. Because mass and energy are interconnected and interchangeable, it is therefore possible to energetically stabilize, as well as energize, the Spatial Cavity wherein the surgically removed organ once resided. To assist the patient in recreating active, organ energy, the Qigong doctor will prescribe the following meditation:

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