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Page 5 - Falun Gong: A Way of Cultivation Practice

The difference between man and animal is that man has moral standards. Nowadays, this standard has slipped to the bottom. If you take a good look around you won't disagree that man is already too far away from truth, compassion, and tolerance. Some people do not even believe it if you tell them they are doing a wrong thing. What do you think is the reason behind the disappearances of many previous prehistoric civilizations? The earth was made for humans and when man gets bad so does the earth. Beautiful, original, and natural scenes are disappearing. Humans are in danger and so is the earth! However, like other religions, neither Mr. Li, nor Falun Gong has anything against the earth itself. Mr. Li never denied the earth's beauty. In fact, he has traveled extensively around the world and has written many poems to praise the scenes he saw.(12)

Speaking about the issue of the birth date, I feel sorry for Mr. Cohen since he became the victim of the vicious media campaign brought about by the Chinese government. I can tell you many examples of people that I know that have had their birthdays (or other things) miswritten. This is quite common in China. I was born in Beijing, but my passport says I was born in another province. I just never bothered to go through all the trouble to change it back. I have attended his lectures and heard many stories about him from people who know him. I think Mr. Li is the most wise, kind, and respectful person I have ever know. Do I have proof that everything the Chinese government said about Mr. Li was false? No, but based on common sense I do not believe any of it. Fa xing

Was Mr. Li implying that he was a Buddha by saying that he had come to this world to teach the law? If you think yes then you are using the premise that "anyone who is able to come to the world to teach the law is a Buddha". This is a wrong premise because I think one does not have to be a Buddha to teach the law. It is the law that we listen and follow. In fact, Mr. Li repeatedly said: "I am not Buddha Sakyamuni.",(13) "I am not the Maitreya that Sakyamuni referred to", "you should take me as a human being. I am just a human being."(14) He asked the practitioners not to worship him, but to pay attention to the law--"regard the law as your teacher".(15)

There is evidence that Aliens do exist. The CIA had conducted investigations of these cases, however, they were not released to the public. Some people had talked about their encounter with Aliens, but no one believed in them, although lots of information is available. Alien is a modern word, which is cannot be found in religions. However, all religions talk about evils and demons. Where do you think these things exist? How do they manipulate humans? Again, like the other issues, we have no proof whether it is right or wrong. But I think one has to be ignorant to take it as totally ironic.

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