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Page 4 - Six Healing Sounds


Healing Emotional Imbalances

The energy flows of bodys internal organs can affect the emotions. Conversely, if an emotion is extreme and maintained over time, it may cause mental, and physical harm. In other words: The mind affects the body; the body affects the mind.

Each of the organ systems interact with each other: Stress can bring on the fight or flight reaction causing excessive adrenaline to be released from the glands that sit on top of the kidneys, which causes the heart to palpitate, the spleen-stomach to stop digesting, and lung breathing to grow shallow and rapid. If this continues, burn out happens and all the organs along with the Triple Burner begin to shut down, and become full of stagnant qi.

The Six Sounds are said to help replace negative emotions with positive ones. When doing the exercises you may imagine and create the following:

In the Liver. Anger is transformed into feelings of Personal Power.

In the Heart. Emotional Excesses transformed into Patience, Calmness, and Serenity.

(In Traditional Chinese Medicine the Heart is the seat of mental consciousness; as well as being directly related to all the organs and their emotions. Therefore in dealing with emotional imbalances it may proper to start or finish (or both) with the Heart.

In the Spleen. Over-thinking and Worry may be transformed into a state of Mindfulness (as in Zen mind: mentally silent and alert).

In the Lung. Depression can transformed into Courage.

In the Kidney. Fear is transformed into Wisdom.

In the Triple Burner. Burnout is transformed into a harmonious Vitality.

From The Classic Literature: More About The Sounds

The Yellow Emperors Inner Canon (Huangdi Neijing) is the most important ancient text of Chinese medicine, as well as being an important source of Daoist theory and lifestyle. The earliest editions are about two thousand years old.

From Chapter 5:

In nature, we have the five energetic transformations of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. In the human body there are the zang organs [internal viscera] of the Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung and Kidney. The qi of the five zang organs forms the five spirits and gives rise to the five emotions. The spirit of the Heart is knows as the shen, which rules mental and creative functions. The spirit of the Liver, the hun, rules the nervous system and gives rise to extrasensory perception. The spirit of the spleen, of yi, rules logic and reasoning power. The spirit of the Lungs, or po, rules the animalistic instincts, physical strength, and stamina. The spirit of the Kidneys, the zhi, rules the will, drive, ambition, and survival instinct.

Emotional Imbalances  Continuing The Yellow Emperors Classic of Medicine, chapter five:

Overindulgence in the five emotionshappiness, anger, sadness, worry or fear, and frightcan create imbalances. Emotions can injure the qi, while seasonal elements can attack the body. Sudden anger damages the yin qi; becoming easily excited or overjoyed will damage the yang qi. This causes the qi to rebel and rise to the head, squeezing the shen out of the heart and allowing it to float away. Failing to regulate ones emotions can be likened to Summer and Winter failing to regulate each other, threatening life itself.

To conclude, it is suggested that there is no need to be too strict in interpreting all these relationships between organ systems and emotionsthey are all interconnected in complex overlapping patterns. The important thing is to study, practice and do health qigong formssuch as The Six Healing Sounds. Modern living is so full of stress-provoking situations. If nothing else, practicing qigong may bring about a reduction of the effects of stress, and may help improve physical and emotional health.



Six Healing Sounds is a translation of the Chinese, Liu Zi Jue, literally meaning Six Word Formula  (but perhaps with an added suggested meaning of Six Secret Incantations.)

Creation  From Zero to Five.

Another Taoist unfoldment of creation has: The Absolute Nothingness of Infinite Potential (Wuji)  Supreme Ultimate (Taiji)  Universal Energy (Qi)  The Five Phases (Wu Xing) leading to  All and everything in the manifested universe.

Wu Xing is an abbreviation of wu zhong liu xing zhi qi  five types of universal energy (qi) dominating at different times.

The Five Elemental Energies in Nature and in Man

Early texts had Earth as being in the center of the progress of the Four Seasons(the seasons do appear to rotate around the earth).

In spring, the trees are clad in dazzling green - (wood).

In summer, blazing sunshine lights the scene - (fire).

While melancholy autumns tints are gold - (metal).

And streams are frozen hard by winters cold - (water).

Through all the seasons. earth remains serene - (earth).

(from Taoism: the Road to Immortality, by John Blofeld, pg. 191).

Later Four Seasons were to become Five Seasons with Earth corresponding to a season of late summer-early autumn.

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