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Page 4 - Falun Gong: A Way of Cultivation Practice

Zhuan Falun systemically elicits the law at higher levels. It explains the original meaning of words that had been passed on for generations among the community of cultivators, revealing many secrets that were not allowed to be publicized before and unveiling the root of all various cultivation practices (including in different religions) throughout history. Examples are: the third eye, heavenly circuit, and demonic interference. With simple language, the principles for how to be a good person to how to make advancement in cultivation are layed out in the book and can guide a practitioner every step of the way.

Lao Zi said: "Tao is the way that can be followed, but it is not an ordinary way." (tao ke tao, fei chang tao) Falun Gong is for cultivation practice. Just doing the exercises can't do it. It has to be done by following the law and improving one's Xinxing. Is Falun Gong capable of achieving its goal?

Answering Mr. Cohen

I would like to answer this question by responding to Mr. Cohen's comment on "errors" in Falun Gong.

Falun is a unique feature of Falun Gong. It is formed in the Dantian (below the umbilicus) area, but it is not Dan. It consists of high-energy matter and is a miniature of the universe. Like the earth rotating automatically on its own and around the sun, like the galaxies rotating, Falun is constantly rotating. It is this kind of a rotating mechanism. The movements of Falun Gong are just for enhancing this mechanism. The function of Falun is to evolve Gong (high-energy matter), to purify the body, and rectify any abnormal state (like illness) for the practitioner. However, this does not mean that Falun Gong is an effortless practice. You can think of Falun as a factory that can produce Gong. It needs raw material and rules to operate. This material is called De (virtue, a matter) and the rule is the Xinxing standard. Falun Gong is a cultivation practice. "No cultivation way is easy."(11)Falun Gong has high Xinxing requirements.

Recently, I stayed in a hotel for two days for my medical board exam. I meditated and had 6.5 hours of sleep every day while my physician roommate took 4 sleeping pills and still had insomnia for two days. The reason for people to get irritated in a traffic jam or tax day is because they have attachments--the attachments for personal benefits. Yea, right, you would say, "who can be clean of ordinary human desires?" A genuine Falun Gong practitioner can. All Falun Gong activities are always free of charge. Falun Gong practitioners devote their own time and money to hold these activities. All books can be downloaded free from the Internet. I think Falun Gong is the easiest yet the hardest Qigong to practice.

Where did humans come from? All the existing scientific evidence suggests the theory of evolution to be wrong, because there were prehistoric civilizations, and humans can reincarnate. Many religions also provided some answers. Buddhism regards human life as an endless bitter sea (ku hai wu bian), and asks man to turn around for the land (hui tou shi an). Jesus said: "man has sins." Lao Zi said: "The origin of the human has benevolent nature (ren zhi chu, xing ben shan)." We believe that the human body contains a soul (main consciousness, or Yuanshen) that originally came from a different higher dimension. The human body can die, but its soul will not. Our souls came to the earth because they had deviated from the characteristic of the universe (Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance). The plane of earth was created by high-level beings. It is a unique dimension because lives here can't see other dimensions, and can't see the truth of the universe. Man has to suffer pain from illness, tribulations, and even from love. Through suffering, man pays back sin. The purpose of a human being is not to live an ordinary persons life, but for the soul to awaken to the truth--man needs to cultivate in order to go back to the original self. When a soul fails to realize this, as a result, it may continue to conduct wrong deeds. Then it will go through endless reincarnations, accumulate karma, and eventually be destroyed.

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