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Spring 2016.
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Page 4 - A Discourse on Qigong and Medicine

It is well known that every patient's expectation for treatment is different. The physician's job is not simply technical, but the work of an artist. Therefore, we should not take Qigong therapy as merely a therapeutical method in order to seek fame and gain through blindly lavish praise. From the physician's professional point of view, contemporary medical science and the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine are all very practical knowledge. One must make full use of these well-developed medical achievements to serve our medical practice. What we should do is combine the consciousness and energy of Qigong with the medical cause we are pursuing. Let us learn and practice Qigong in the same course so as to achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject and utilize the knowledge to better serve our medical practice.

Life lies in one's self. Regardless of whether one practices or cultivates Qigong, one should do one's best to explore life individually, using the brain with the vital energy (which has an integrated dynamic consciousness obtained through self-cultivation) to guide our Qigong exercises, teaching, and medical practice. Only when we cultivate ourselves in both body and mind can we achieve the satisfactory merits and virtues ascribed to Qigong.

Written for "Qigong in China" by Zhang Xiaowen in Hangzhou, PRC.
Edited by Karen S. Kramer, translated by Feipeng Zhang.

©Qi Journal.

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