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Page 3 - The Pitfalls of Meditation: Dazed by Sensation

I know it is not easy to find such a teacher, but you should know they do exist. Most teachers are simply promoting their favorite discipline. Read the book. Listen to the lecture. It's all the same. The best teachers will listen to you and design an endless stream of little assignments, each one aimed at bringing you to a new horizon. Remember Carlos Castaneda? Don Juan was always giving Carlos all these tasks and assignments.

But for now--for the moment--all you have is this article. So I will give you a solution. Something concrete. Something valuable that you can walk away with. A new understanding that will allow you to proceed on your own: three key points you should focus on.

You meditate. You're spending the time, making the effort, so don't be caught in this major pitfall of meditation. When you find a rose, realize that you are making progress, but that progress is just the beginning. Continue looking for other flowers. Don't stop until you have a complete boutique. Each altered state is just a single scenic viewpoint. It's so easy to become enchanted with that view and continue to return only to that place, forgetting that the road continues on, with new spenders at every viewpoint.

Now. I'm going to give you a simple technique that will prevent you from getting stuck at any of these view points. Understand that meditating is like exercise. Normally when you exercise, you are exerting your will on your body--moving and strengthening your body. When you meditate, you are exercising your soul and spirit, exerting your will on your mind.

This technique can be summarized in three points:

1. Remember, the purpose of all meditation is simply to quite and focus the mind, which otherwise runs wild 24 hours a day.

2. To avoid being overwhelmed by, any thereby stuck on any single success or experience, don't accept idle bliss as success. Make sure your meditative efforts affect your physical life in some way.

3. To allow your efforts to have the most positive impact on your health and daily situations of your life, find a center and try to hold onto it 24 hours a day.

It all comes down to this: The Mind... Remember, our minds are running wild, out of control. Your existing success with meditation will give you a quick spring board to new horizons. It is good that you can stop and take a breath--that you know how to look within, to find that peace and inspiration when needed. You use meditation to relieve stress and clear the mind. And this is good, but know there is so much more.

Most people sit quietly and meditate 20 minutes or a half hour. You must learn to meditate while you do all your other activities! Then you'll be meditating 6, 12 or even 24 hours a day. You want to see benefits? Do you want to put all your goals on the fast track? Continue with your half hour of quiet meditation each morning, but don't stop there. Find a center and try to carry it with you all day long.

Finding and using a center: this third point is the magic that you can take away with you. The secret is simply using your meditative skills to keep a center. We take the two extremes of meditation, focusing on a single element, and watching ourselves, and combine them together, taking the middle path. Start by using your breath as your center, throughout the day, while working, playing and relaxing, anytime your mind becomes idle return to the sensation of your breath. At first it's difficult but if you take the time to experiment, you'll see quick progress.

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