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Page 3 - Qigong for Weight Loss I

Daphnis and Chloe

Daphnis and Chloe (1827), Jean-Pierre Cortot. Louvre

Present day media improperly and potentially dangerously offers too thin models or actors, or professional athletes as goal models. Here Daphnis and Chloe, and David are offered as artistic examples of a perfect weight; something to strive for in theory. In a second century C.E. Greek story, as infants they are found by shepherds, and grow up secretly in love with each other. After adventures they are happily married. In the sculpture their bodies seem to represent an anima/animus perfection.

Repeat this meditation as needed.

The slender anima (female soul in the male) or animus (male soul in the female) now exists inside you buried under your excess weight. Like a butterfly crawling out of a chrysalis spun by its former caterpillar self, she/he willif allowedgrant you the power to almost automatically become slender in time.

Of course they eat properly and are constantly moving; that is why they are slender. And that is why you (if you allow it) will do the same as they do: thereby becoming slender and more healthy(and even gain an introduction to esoteric spiritual work).

Personal Comments by the Author: My anima alter-ego does things I like to describe with words my parents used: "Such a finicky eater." "Just picks at their food." "Eats like a bird." "Never finishes what's on their plate." And "Always running around. Never gives it a rest." Every time I am around foodshopping, at a restaurant, cooking, or eatingI feel her presence in me automatically guiding me to do the right thing.

She loves to do body movement qigong and exerciseand so do I. And we both love to walk. I try to do that at least a half hour a day.

She seems immune to hunger and being physically tiredno wonder I am glad I have found her and that she is me.


About Food and Qi.

Everyone's needs are different. However most often, a proper diet should be 80% yin and 20% yang. Lightly cooked vegetables, and fruits offer the best yin. Whole grains (rice, oats, barley) are harmoniously balanced. Fish, and in moderation: low-fat meat and dairy, nuts and vegetable oils have proper yang. You need some fat in your diet: wild fresh salmon, and small amounts of walnuts are excellent sources.

For men tomatoes, which are strongly yin, are recommended as an aid to counterbalance intense yang of possible future prostate problems. For women small amounts of flax oil (supplements and pills) seem to help counterbalance intense yin problems that may lead to breast cancer.

In an attempt to establish a qi balance, food that is too yin or too yang demands its opposite. Therefore the urge for a sugary dessert after a steak dinner. Overly processed carbohydrates (white sugar, white bread, pastries) have "bad" yin; animal fat in meat and dairy products has "bad" yang. If we do not get the qi we need, we are forced into eating too much and become overweight or obese. Food that is naturally or better yet organically raised or grown and that you prepare is best.

Generally speaking anything that is highly processed that comes in brightly colored boxes or cans (and with additives) should, if practical, be avoided. However, frozen vegetables many say are good. The qi of a food shows in its appearance: the brighter and deeper the natural color of vegetables or fruit means that it is betterfor example, dark leafy spinach or broccoli is better than pale colored lettuce. Blueberries are especially good. All colors apply here; for white try bananas, onion, garlic.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that lightly cooked vegetables are much better than raw vegetables; that hot foods and drinks are better than warm; and that most anything cold is bad. You should never have ice in your drinks.

For those on restricted intake of food (such as vegans, or low calorie dieters) it is strongly recommended to take a multivitamin - multimineral supplementthe "One a Day" type. It is especially important to get sufficient vitamin B-12 and vitamin D. But once again it is best consult a professional nutritionist who if possible is familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine.


BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) is often used by health professionals to judge what is an individual's proper weight.

Your BMI may be calculated for free on the WWW. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute site is http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/

The U.S. Government site is http://www.consumer.gov/weightloss/bmi.htm

An excellent site is http://web4health.info/en/answers/ed-dia-weight-bmi-calc.htm If you suffer or may suffer from anorexia or bulimia see a doctor immediately. If friends, co-workers, family members tell you that you are already too thin pay attention to what they say! The above web4health site may offer needed answers in such situations.

Trying to have the body of a model, movie star, or athlete is counter productive for most of us. Never-the-less, the healthiest, longest living, most energetic, most beautiful people are usually not overweight or obese. Achieving and maintaining the proper weight for wellbeing is a very honorable goal. Over time, through qigong, it may be accomplished.


After knowing what healthy medically approved weight target is for you, move toward it at about a pound loss per week. (See the sidebar: Body Mass Index).

Eat slowly, thoughtfully. Eating quickly and mindlessly is inappropriate.

It is highly important that you do body movements such as exercise, yoga, taijiquan (tai chi), and my favorite, qigong. But always be mindful of your internal qi-energy flow as you do them. Unconfirmed experimental techniques: If you are hell-bent on taking off the pounds, instead of eating when feeling hungry, just breathe air/qi into your stomach, then squeeze in your abdominal muscles, and hold it as long as you can. Another technique is to take an amulet that emanates qi (a Daoist one would probably be best) and store it next to a covered jug of water. Instead of eating for your qi, just sip some of that! I have not personally had any beneficial results from these methods, but never-the-less they were told me by two deeply respected teachers of mine.

John Voigt is currently writing a book on Asian Spiritual Weight Loss. He may be contacted at john.voigt@comcast.net.



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Wikipedia website was consulted for the following subjects or images: Body Mass Index. Daphnis and Chloe. Fuxi. Alex Gray. Carl Jung. Microcosmic orbit. Taoist alchemy. Wen-Chang, and Yin Yang. Michelangelo's David at http://emergentvoyageurs.blog.com/1264661/ As a possible aid in imagining how a resonating anima/animus might appear look at the art of Alex Gray. I suggest "Adi Da Samraj," "Alex," "Holy Fire," "Namaste," and "Psychic Energy System." All are on the WWW.

©Reprinted from Qi Journal, Spring 2009

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