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Page 3 - Get Your Ki (Qi) Moving with Brain Wave vibration

Following are some of the most common forms of brain wave vibration:

Head Nod Method

The head nod method is the simplest form of brain wave vibration. It can be done standing, sitting or lying down and is designed to deliver vibrations directly to your brain stem for deep relaxation and tension release. Even just three minutes will clear your head, enhance you focus, and leave you feeling more energized.

Sit-up straight with your arms resting at your sides. Close your eyes and breathe comfortably, relaxing your body completely. Begin to gently shake your head from side to side. Breathe naturally and fully, emphasizing the exhalation, as you envision all tension draining from your body. Focus on your brain stem at the base of your neck. You may hear slight noises or popping sounds at the base of your skull. Allow your head to move up and down, side to side, or even in the shape of an infinity symbol as you go deeper into the motion. After a few minutes, slow to a stop, take a deep breath and return to your external awareness.

Full-Body Vibration

The goal with full body vibration is to create total relaxation and a calm, meditative state. This method is very similar to the body vibration and shaking medicine techniques that indigenous cultures have used for centuries. With practice your inhibitions will loosen and you will intuitively take on postures that your body desires for its own natural healing. Most practitioners use some form of rhythmic drum music to get into the flow. You can do this form for 10 minutes or more.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hips forward, knees slightly bent, and weight naturally balanced on the balls of the feet. Close your eyes, drop your arms forward slightly, and bounce your hips up and down, following a rhythm that feels natural to you. The vibrations may be gentle or intense, dance-like or flowing. As you naturally slow down and return to full consciousness, shake out your arms and legs, and sweep the ki energy down your arms and torso.

Abdominal Vibration

Most of us are familiar with the “water up/fire down” concept in oriental healing and martial arts practices. In the body, Yin energy—the energy of water—originates in the kidneys, and Yang energy—the energy of fire—originates in the heart. In an ideal state of equilibrium, water energy rises from the kidneys along the Governor Vessel to clear the head, and fire energy descends from the heart along the Conception Vessel to the lower Dahn jon, to warm the abdomen. The Dahn jon, also known as the Dan Tien or Tan t’ien, correlates to the second chakra—the seat of the soul.

When we are in an ideal state of balance, we are said to have “a cool head and fire in the belly.” We are calm, steadfast and centered. However, when we are under chronic stress or spend too much time in our heads, the ki energy in our abdomen is weakened, and fire energy rises to our head. The Yin-Yang balance is broken. We become overly anxious, ill-tempered and plagued by troublesome thoughts.

The abdominal vibration technique helps to restore balance by bringing warm energy back into the lower dahn jon. It is the most effective form of brain wave vibration for improving the overall balance of energy in the body.

This method can be done standing or lying down. Shake out your arms and legs to relax completely. Stand with fee shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, and pelvis curled slightly upward so you feel tension in the lower abdomen. Focus your mind just below your navel, cup your hands slightly, and begin to rhythmically strike the lower abdomen area with your palms. Begin with 100 strokes and increase as you progress. Often, your head will naturally shake from side to side with the rhythm.

Chest Vibration and Vocal Toning

The chest vibration and vocal toning method opens up the chest and stimulates the heart chakra. This form also helps to release pent-up emotions like sadness and disappointment, which are often held in the chest and throat areas. This exercise can be done standing or sitting. Lift your elbows out to your sides and place your hands on the center of your chest. Begin to tap your chest. As you exhale, let out a strong “ahhh” sound. You will feel the vibrations spreading throughout your chest, expanding into your ribcage and upper abdomen. Tap under your collarbone and around your chest until if feels comfortable and light. As you exhale, focus inside and let your voice instinctively take on various vocal tones. Do this for as long as you feel comfortable. When finished, sweep your palms down your chest and let out a soft, contemplative “ahhh.”

Energy Meditation and Ki-gong

This form of brain wave vibration requires deep, relaxed concentration so it is a good idea to stretch or use another method to loosen up before beginning. It is designed to help practitioners increase their sense of energy awareness in their palms. You can sit in lotus or half lotus position, or with your legs outstretched. Use some soft, soothing music with this form.

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