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Page 3 - ErMei Qigong

Documentation shows that he is a famous life scientist. He has been credited with numerous accolades such as "one of the top external energy therapist" and "The Er Mei Wizard" by the Chinese Society of Qigong as a result of his continued commitment and contributions in establishing the "external energy diagnoses and treatment system." People have come from Russia, Europe, Australia, Asia and the United States to study, to seek blessings and, or treatment from him. The sun truly is shining on him and those his energy has touched.

More than twelve of Master Fu's works are published in Chinese. In 1989 the Beijing College Press published The Finger Pointing Techniques of Er Mei. The Chinese Qi Gong Science & Research Institute in 1989 published Er Mei Lin Ji "Wai Qi" Book I as well as Books II and III. In 1993 The International Er Mei Lin Ji Medical Center published two additional books. The 18 Movement Form & Medicinal Recipes was also published. These have been translated into English and now only await publication.
Ermei Qigong

Master Fu is currently conducting seminars throughout the United States where students can begin to learn the three levels of Er Mei Spiritual Essence and Mind Enlightenment. These seminars are scheduled in a number of states including California, Florida, Georgia, as well as Massachusetts, Texas, and New York.

For information write: Er Mei Sudden Enlightenment, P.O. Box 690121, Flushing, NY 11369 or email: canebvi@aol.com or ermeiqi1@juno.com

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