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Page 3 - A Discourse on Qigong and Medicine

The organic conception of the human body as a whole

It should be clear to a Qigong practitioner that a disease is caused by an imbalance in the body's internal and external environments. Even though there is a difference in internal (or subjective) and external (or natural) pathogenic factors, all of these factors are closely interrelated and interact upon each other, while none of them exists in isolation. That is to say, the meaning of diseases is not simply limited to a subjective or an objective aspect. It is a reaction as a whole in the human body.

Diagnosis with Qigong is not only to ascertain the status of a pathological change, but also to focus attention on the internal substantial change inherent in the disease process and its relationship with the human body as a whole. As for the therapeutical treatment with Qigong, what the Qigong practitioner emits is a flow of energy with consciousness. That is, it is not merely energy, but carries a psychological component. He or she may choose a treatment by way of intellect or power, with the final goal being to regulate the body as a whole, both physiologically and psychologically.

Understanding this point of view, one may make full use of the power of Qigong and healthily develop one's Qigong therapy. Being contrary to this principle, merely emphasizing the form, or one-sidedly emphasizing the effects of consciousness in order to boast of the mysterious efficacy and the miracles of Qigong therapy, one may only lead Qigong astray.

Applying therapeutic treatment according to the patients condition

Due to the distorted understanding of Qigong in this society, quite a few people go astray during the process of learning and practicing Qigong. Some have lost emotional stability through intense fear due to blind superstition; others suffer from harmful reactions such as palpitations, stuffy chests, abdominal distension, chest pains, cold limbs, headaches, insomnia, etc. I think it is of primary importance in our work to correct the situation we are faced with in the Qigong therapeutic practice. We must strengthen the public's education on Qigong to correct the patient's emotional attitude toward Qigong practice through language, written expression, and mass media. This is a major goal of this paper.

Looking back to our clinical Qigong practice, it should not be neglected that, due to the prejudice against the essence of Qigong treatment, patients who come to ask for help through Qigong therapy sometimes take a skeptical or curious attitude. As Qigong practitioners, we must carefully identify their attitude and give each of them psychological guidance at the right moment so as to dispel their misgivings and make them totally relax in a natural way to bring their subjective mental activity into play. Meanwhile, we also have to pay close attention to pathological changes, noting the patient's constitutional weaknesses, as well as the possibility of utilizing Qigong emission in order to avoid accidents.

Learning and practice in the same course

The final goal of the Qigong practice is the self-understanding of life. It is a long-term process of self-cultivation and continuous exploration. From this point of view, Qi, the vital energy that we obtained through self-cultivation, is merely a portion of the latent energy of life. When you use Qigong to help another, you cannot reach the acme of perfection due to the attitude of the other, as well as the changing factors of the disease itself.

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