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Page 2 - The Pitfalls of Meditation: Dazed by Sensation

Our minds are out of control, and rightfully so, for as we are spiritual beings born into a physical body, the very nature of this union brings us to a comfortable state of dazed sensation. The sensation of the physical body and the sensation of the emotions we experience. These are pleasant... Even the painful ones are pleasant in their own way. These physical and emotional sensations are everywhere, from the moment we awake in the morning, until we close our eyes at night. No effort is required. Whether you're doing one of your trained tricks, watching TV or simply sitting alone in thought, we are always filled with these sensations. These sensations often overpower us, and for many, they can easily keep us from accomplishing our goals, for why work to achieve something great, when just being is so pleasant.

I met an acupuncturist who had lived in a Tibetan monastery for 12 years. After a few short words it was obvious to me that this was an enlightened man. It's so rare and refreshing to meet these disciplined individuals who have taken control of their mind and their lives, and no longer subject to the whims of sensation. I told him, I have a lot of important work to do, but I'm not getting anything done. That without deadlines, I seem to be endlessly procrastinating. I told him I felt guilty and asked him if he could help me with my procrastination. And he said, in the typical Buddhist vein, that I did not need to achieve anything, that I was already perfect, and I was exactly where I was supposed to be, that my procrastination was simply a self imposed burden that I could simply discard. And so I did, and I felt a lot better.

And here lies a great problem with meditation. It is a great calming tool, and it opens us up to a universe of knowledge--inspiration--but it is not known for it's motivating effects. Kind of like the man who searched for happiness and could not rest until he learned to maintain his happiness 100% of the time. And so it came to pass that he found his state of perpetual happiness. In this instance... what was originally conceived as a great and noble challenge, once reached, became a burden, for if you can set your mind to be happy all the time, then there is little need for doing much else.

And so it is with many spiritual endeavors. Success becomes defeat. The wisdom of meditation; the ability to control ones mind, can easily become a great oppressor. So often, with our meditation, we strive for inner peace, happiness, but these are personal goals and once achieved easily become self defeating. So I say to you, as you practice your meditation you should modify your discipline so that your efforts do not paint you into some blissful corner. No. Understand what meditation is and focus your efforts in a way so that it will energize your goals and dreams.

All meditation is simply a means of controlling and subjugating the mind. Most people who practice meditation work very hard trying to perfect the technique they were taught. And when they finally make enough progress with their new found ability, to alter their consciousness and enter into a heightened state of calm and well being, they accept that as being the realization of their goal and there by proceed no further. And why should they. Their teacher taught them that if they follow these instructions, they would experience these results. And so they did. But all altered states become boring, so look for teachers who know enough to guide you from one to the next, in a slow directed progression, moving your consistently on to new horizons.

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