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Page 2 - Medical Qigong Therapy & Surgery

Figure 1:

LungsBrilliant Pure White
Large IntestinesAbalone-shell White
StomachDeep Yellow
SpleenOrange Yellow
HeartRed wiuth Blue Tint
Small IntestinePink
BladderDeep Blue
KidneysLight Pastel Blue
PeriocardiumPurple Red
Triple BurnersOrange Red
Gall BladderPale Chartreuse
LiverDark Green

Medical Qigong Therapy and Recreating Organ Energy

Once an organ has been removed, there remains an energetic "void" within the "Spatial Cavity" of the patient's tissues. The energy of the organ, however, still exists within the patient's body, as a "Phantom Organ." This energetic phenomena is due to the creative "Blue-Printing" of the Prenatal and Postnatal formation of the body's tissues. Because mass and energy are interconnected and interchangeable, it is therefore possible to energetically stabilize, as well as energize, the Spatial Cavity wherein the surgically removed organ once resided. To assist the patient in recreating active, organ energy, the Qigong doctor will prescribe the following meditation:

Stage 1: The Hookup: Generally several days after the surgery, while the patient is still recovering, the Qigong doctor will have the patient imagine him or herself being connected to the Heavens and rooted to the Earth. Next, the patient will begin color visualization.

Stage 2: Choosing the Appropriate Color: In order to prescribe the correct color, it is important for the Qigong doctor to know what organ or organ systems have either been removed, or seriously affected by the surgery. Once the Qigong doctor knows which organ systems have been affected, the patient is then assigned specific color meditations. These color meditations are needed in order to Tonify and strengthen the energetic fields which support the traumatized tissues. These meditations are also used to reestablish a physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual connection to the area of trauma.

The list (figure 1 above) are the general colors associated with the body's organs and channels. Think of these colors as extensions of energy originating from the original organs.

Figure 2

Stage 3: Cleaning and Energizing the Spatial Cavity: After the doctor has selected the proper organ color for the patient to meditate upon, he or she will give the patient specific images used in order to cleans, purify, create and energize the tissues. These meditations will create a solid energetic transformation stabilizing the patient's energetic field.

1. Cleansing and Purifying: The patient will begin this meditation by imagining that his or her fingers and toes are straws. As the patient inhales, he or she will imagine Divine White Light Energy flowing from the Heavens and Earth into the fingers and toes, filling the specific area which has been traumatized by the surgery (figure 2). As the patient exhales, he or she will imagine any pathogenic Qi leaving the tissues, releasing and leaving his or her body via the fingers and toes. The patient will continue to perform this cleansing meditation for several minutes until he or she feels that the specific area has been purified.

Figure 3

2. Creating and Energizing: Once the area has been sufficiently cleansed, the patient will imagine a clean, vibrant color (associated with the particular organ), flowing into the Spatial Cavity and areas surrounding the removed organ. As the patient inhales, the organ color fills the vacant cavity, energizing the remaining energetic structure and surrounding tissues. The patient will continue with this imagery until the specific organ area is full of heat, light and vibration (figure 3). Because the surgery has permanently removed the organ from the patient's body, it is important for the patient to continue with this meditation every day for the rest of their life.

Medical Qigong Therapy and Organ Transplantation

Each particular organ in the human body has its own unique history and experience. This emotional memory and experience is active both within the patient receiving a transplanted organ, as well as the organ donor. Before the body can, or will receive a foreign organ, there must first be a time of reconciliation between the memories stored within the surrounding cells of the organ soon to be replaced, and that of the donor's organ. In order to assist the Surgeon in transplanting an organ, the Qigong doctor must be aware of visceral cleansing, preparation and purification of the transplanted organ. This method is explained in the following three stages:

Stage 1: The patient must release all attachment to the departing organ. This includes all negative, as well as positive, physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual memories and experiences.

Stage 2: The history and emotional memory of the transplanted organ must be cleansed. This includes all negative as well as positive physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual memories stored within the donor's organs.

Stage 3: The relationship between the patient's tissues and the Spatial Cavity wherein the initial diseased organ remains, and that of the new organ, which will soon be transplanted, must be established and harmonized.

The patient's body will either receive or reject the transplanted organ due to unresolved emotional trauma stored within the patient's tissues or within the transplanted organ itself. Current research reveals that emotions trapped within transplanted organs can and sometimes do surface within the patient's subconscious mind, affecting his or her behavioral patterns. This is manifested through certain unnatural behavioral traits, which are transferred, similar to congenital patterns, to that of the patient.

A famous example of a lingering emotional connection between an organ donor, the organ, and the recipient is explained in the following true story. A few years ago a young woman (vegetarian) received a heart transplant from a young man who died in a motorcycle accident. Upon being discharged from the hospital, the woman began craving Chicken McNuggets, which was the young mans favorite food. This was in direct opposition to her previous diet, and eating habits.

It is important to note here that organ rejection is not always due to the donors or patient's unresolved emotional issues. Organ rejection can also be caused from biological reactions complicating the expectance of the foreign tissue.

Follow-up and Remedial Prescriptions

The follow-up and remedial prescriptions will be determined according to the specific type of surgery the patient has undergone. The prescriptions must be designed in order to purge, strengthen and regulate any organ(s) that have been weakened by the surgery, as well as circulate the patient's energy in order to reduce any energetic stagnations which may have been caused by internal organ movement and fascia damage. This will assist the patient in an escalated recovery, as well as reduce postoperative Depression, which often follows after major surgery.

Sometimes, when assisting patients who are healing from severe diseases (i.e., malignant tumors and cancer), additional Western Therapies such as Radiation or Chemotherapy are required. For example:

Patient Testimony

Summary of events surrounding my pancreatic surgery, June 16, 1997 at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula by Thea Sagin (female patient--age 50).

On June 16, 1997, emergency surgery to remove a fist-sized tumor from the tail of my pancreas, resulted in my former Sifu (Martial Arts Master), Jerry Alan Johnson, changing roles to become an "Energy Therapist." Thanks to my admitting physician, Dr. Stephanie Taylor, who facilitated the arrangement, Dr. Johnson was the first representative of Chinese Medical Qigong therapy allowed to enter surgery at the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.

As my Energy Therapist, Dr. Johnson conducted a preoperative session during which he facilitated the energetic and emotional release of my tumor. He then accompanied me into the 4 hour surgery during which he maintained my energy levels while reminding my tissues of their preoperative energetic patterns in order to facilitate rapid healing. He continued to work with me through the postoperative healing, and followed up several days after surgery. It was his vital support and insights that helped me to undergo the recommended course of radiation therapy.

The following is a synopsis of the Medical Qigong therapy that I experienced along with the traditional Western modalities used to treat my pancreatic islet-cell tumor.

Phase 1: The Preoperative Stage consisted of a Medical Qigong session directed toward putting me in touch with the tumor, my relationship to it, and the emotions associated with it. This was followed with an atonement with the Divine and relinquishment of control, removal of the armoring around my tumor, and subsequent release of emotions with it. I actually "saw" the disconnected energetic attachments of the tumor as they detached from my organs and were blowing like ostrich feather segments in a wind. I also saw a bright neon sign on the tumor that identified it's emotional source. This entire process took only an hour, yet it facilitated closure with the tumor in order for me to easily release it during the surgery, which immediately followed the session. It also provided me with insights that helped my emotional healing over the months following surgery.

Phase 2: Surgery. I entered surgery without any sedatives and was filled with a tremendous sense of peace and empowerment in knowing that the hospital was honoring my energetic, as well as my physical needs. The surgery lasted for four hours during which Dr. Johnson connected with my energy fields and monitored, as well as maintained, my energy levels. He continued treating me and working with my energetic fields as the anesthesia was administered, and as the two surgeons opened my cavity, moved structures, removed the tumor (along with the tail of my pancreas and the spleen), and then sutured and closed my abdominal cavity.

Throughout the surgery Dr. Johnson stood at my head, where energy enters through the crown, and facilitated the running of energy into my center channel in the core of my body. He described his work as following the actions of the surgeons, and my body's response to these actions: the incision, the movement of internal organs, the resection of the tumor, and the final suturing. He used this opportunity to change the energetic grid formations in the tumor bed to prevent regrowth of the tumor, which was malignant.

Phase 3: The Postoperative Stage. This stage involved a continuation of the mitigation of the effects of surgery: working to tonify my kidneys to bring my temperature up and to offset the shock of surgery, as well as using acupressure points to calm my heart and stomach during the nausea. I was reminded upon awakening, to do my Microcosmic Orbit exercise. Dr. Johnson then proceeded to "dredge" or comb over the incision to reconnect my pre-energetic channel and tissue patterns in order to facilitate healing and to reduce scar tissue. The healing of the incision was fast. My doctors later remarked at how quickly I healed, and how little scar tissue there was compared to similar surgeries. I've since read of studies conducted with therapeutic touch that resulted in significantly faster healing of tissues in patients who received this type of therapy.

Phase 4: Follow-Up and Remedial Prescriptions. During the days following surgery, Dr. Johnson taught me several meditations: The "Divine Healing Light Meditation" for healing the tumor bed and incision and the "Heaven and Earth Spleen Meditation" that fuses a ball of energy where the spleen once was--allowing me to continue to produce the energetic pattern of the spleen within my body. I began doing these meditations the day following surgery for the week of hospitalization, and continued to practice them along with the Microcosmic Orbit exercises throughout my recovery.

Phase 5: Radiation. After several weeks of recuperation, I was scheduled to received radiation treatments daily (Monday through Friday) for six weeks. Each day I would perform the Medical Qigong exercises (vocal and physical prescriptions) outdoors in a field overlooking the ocean. Then I would drive to the hospital for the 15 minutes of radiation, followed by a session with Dr. Johnson every other day. I understood that the Medical Qigong exercises and sessions would offset the heat in the tissues while protecting surrounding organs from unwarranted harm. There was concern about the possible loss of function in one kidney, but blood tests during the treatments showed no noticeable effects on them or on my liver. In addition, unexpected by-products of the Medical Qigong sessions involved the release of emotional memories and an experience of the Divine in my healing process.

On alternate days after radiation, I had acupuncture and pranic healing with Jason Gill L.Ac. who teaches classes in Chinese Herbs and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Dr. Johnson's International Institute of Medical Qigong. Through these treatments, and the use of Chinese herbs, my immune system was strengthened. These complimentary modalities, combined with my body's own healing abilities with visualization, and aided by the direction of positive energy by these two therapists, enabled me to avoid the typical side-effects of nausea and diarrhea, and to maintain my energy levels in sufficient quantity to continue driving to the radiation treatments on my own.

It is hard for me to imagine what this entire experience might have been like without the support of a doctor of Medical Qigong. I am truly grateful for Dr. Johnson's dedication, discipline and expertise that enabled him to be present for me throughout all aspects of this illness. It was a gift that I would encourage other patients to utilize for themselves in combination with any traditional allopathic program for cancer. I had the best of both worlds working for me in a remarkable manner thanks to all of my doctors.

Phantom Pains of Amputated Organs

Amputation may be necessary as a result of severe injury or massive infection, such as Gangrene. During surgical amputation, the soft tissues are cut in such a way that they cover the end of the remaining bone in order to heal completely. This allows the body's tissues to seal and protect itself from the external environment. "Ghost" or "Phantom" Pains are caused by the patient's energetic connection with the amputated tissues (through the internal "Energetic Spacial Cavity," and/or external "Energetic Boundary System"). The Phantom limb (usually one of the body's extremities, i.e. finger, hand, arm, etc.) exists in an energetic state and continues to interact with the patient's external field of Wei Qi, as well as the patient's Shen. Any interaction with the space or energetic field of the amputated organ will produce a direct response to the patient similar to that of contacting the actual physical limb.

Rehabilitation programs generally do not prepare the patient for such reactions as Phantom Pains, which tend to leave the patient perplexed and frustrated. To alleviate the symptoms of Phantom pains, the Qigong doctor will sedate the patient's Wei Qi field that surrounds the amputated limb, and assist the patient in re-patterning the old energetic field to fit the postoperative tissue formation. The Qigong doctor can also prescribe Juniper Berries, which will relieve the Phantom pain symptoms.

Medical Qigong Therapy and the Treatment of Scar Tissue

After surgery, some scar tissue formation is inevitable. Since both the body's inner-facia and channels (which are responsible for the lubrication of the tissues) have been severed due to the insertion of the surgeon's scalpel. In order to minimize the degree of scar tissue formation, the Qigong doctor can use Qi Extension techniques on the sutured area, extending his intention deep into the patient's body. The doctor's focus of intention should be on dispersing Stagnations and Regulating the flow of the undercurrent of Qi through the sutured tissues. Emphasis should be placed on reconnecting the patient's channels and collaterals, depending on the location of the surgery. After which, the doctor will focus on Regulating the external and internal flow of energy from within and without the patient's tissue area.

In treating scar tissue formation, which has laid dormant for quite some time, Tissue Regulation through Tui Na Therapy is required. After using the proper Tissue Regulation Method the Qigong doctor will end the treatment by using the One Finger Skill technique along the line of the patient's external scar. In order to perform this method, one thumb is placed on the end of the scar, while the doctor's other thumb presses into tissue, slowly outlining the entire scar (heating and energizing the patient's tissues). The doctor will end the treatment with both thumbs placed at the beginning and ending of the scar, extending his energy through the patient's tissue in a circular pattern. This technique will naturally induce an energetic/emotional release of the memories trapped within the scar tissue, centered around the surgery.

Jerry Alan Johnson PhD, DTCM, DMQ (China), Dean of Medical Qigong Science, Five Branches Institute, College of T.C.M., Santa Cruz, California. Excerpted with permission from his book entitled " Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy"
©Reprinted from the Spring 2000 issue of Qi Journal

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