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Page 2 - Falun Gong: A Way of Cultivation Practice

Group Practice

Although I have been receiving the conventional science education for many years, I was still very open-minded to different things. I knew there must be more reasons than we could think of for something to exist. Millions of people have gone through the similar thinking process and have made their educated choice to practice Falun Gong. Even though I had doubts about many things in the book, just as Mr. Cohen had doubts about the articles, I made a fortunate decision to try it. During my years of Falun Gong practice, I have met and talked to hundreds of Falun Gong practitioners. For example, an elderly lady had gained her menses back after practicing Falun Gong (a sign of back-to-youth), a middle-aged lady who was hem dialysis dependant had regained her kidney function and returned to work, a young girl who had aseptic necrosis of femoral heads and was bed-ridden before practicing Falun Gong is now giving Falun Gong lessons... Stories are countless. Each practitioner can tell me a story about how Falun Gong changed his or her life in a very short period of time. I have also experienced changes: my skin became very smooth--this effect can't be achieved on me through drugs or skin care products. I also became very energetic; my inter-personal relationships with relatives and friends became much better. Falun Gong carried me through the tough residency training. During most of those months, I was on-call every fourth day when I had to work more than 30 hours continuously in the hospital. After a sleepless night, I would come to group practice--Falun Gong made me feel fresh again. When my work irritated me, Falun Gong's teaching reminded me about Ren (tolerance), so I could keep compassion for people around me. When my colleges asked for favors, I would try to follow the teachings about gain and loss; as a result I did not expect anything in return. All the things supposed to happen to a practitioner according to the book Zhuan Falun are happening either in me or to someone I know.

A bizarre philosophy or a true science?

During my 5-years of research experience at Yale, I learned that if important facts do not perfectly fit the mainstream, conventional science has a tendency to exclude them. We do not hear about these facts in school. For example, an NBC series called The Mysterious Origins of Man (1) has already overturned Darwin's theory of evolution with numerous excavated archaeological evidences. There have been case reports about reincarnation(2). Brian Weiss M.D. vividly described a genuine reincarnation experience of his patient who had changed his concept about life(3). His patient conveyed the messages from higher-level beings to him while she was in the between-life stages. He wrote that: "there are many dimensions", "each" plane "is a level of higher consciousness", "people are not all created equal", "we all must learn certain attitudes while we're in the physical state", "the reward is in doing...doing unselfishly", etc. All these raised questions--Who am I? Where did I come from?

Last year, a paper published in Science revealed that the pineal concealed in the skull could respond to light(4). The pineal gland has been found to have the same photoreceptors as the eye (5,6) as well as a complete system for optical signal transudation7,8. Could this explain the fact that some Qigong practitioners can see things that ordinary people can't? Experiments showed that plants can think and might even possess a more advanced thinking process than humans.9 Various different ideas constantly appear in our minds, where exactly are they coming from?

Why does medicine sometimes work and other times not? Why can Qigong heal diseases? What is the true source of diseases? Chinese traditional medicine holds that "a clean heart and few desires" is the key to health. Why is that and how could anyone achieve that state? What did the words of the founders of all different religions really mean?

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