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Page 2 - Falun Gong: A Way of Cultivation Practice

The difference between man and animal is that man has moral standards. Nowadays, this standard has slipped to the bottom. If you take a good look around you won't disagree that man is already too far away from truth, compassion, and tolerance. Some people do not even believe it if you tell them they are doing a wrong thing. What do you think is the reason behind the disappearances of many previous prehistoric civilizations? The earth was made for humans and when man gets bad so does the earth. Beautiful, original, and natural scenes are disappearing. Humans are in danger and so is the earth! However, like other religions, neither Mr. Li, nor Falun Gong has anything against the earth itself. Mr. Li never denied the earth's beauty. In fact, he has traveled extensively around the world and has written many poems to praise the scenes he saw.(12)

Speaking about the issue of the birth date, I feel sorry for Mr. Cohen since he became the victim of the vicious media campaign brought about by the Chinese government. I can tell you many examples of people that I know that have had their birthdays (or other things) miswritten. This is quite common in China. I was born in Beijing, but my passport says I was born in another province. I just never bothered to go through all the trouble to change it back. I have attended his lectures and heard many stories about him from people who know him. I think Mr. Li is the most wise, kind, and respectful person I have ever know. Do I have proof that everything the Chinese government said about Mr. Li was false? No, but based on common sense I do not believe any of it.

Fa xing

Was Mr. Li implying that he was a Buddha by saying that he had come to this world to teach the law? If you think yes then you are using the premise that "anyone who is able to come to the world to teach the law is a Buddha". This is a wrong premise because I think one does not have to be a Buddha to teach the law. It is the law that we listen and follow. In fact, Mr. Li repeatedly said: "I am not Buddha Sakyamuni.",(13) "I am not the Maitreya that Sakyamuni referred to", "you should take me as a human being. I am just a human being."(14) He asked the practitioners not to worship him, but to pay attention to the law--"regard the law as your teacher".(15)

There is evidence that Aliens do exist. The CIA had conducted investigations of these cases, however, they were not released to the public. Some people had talked about their encounter with Aliens, but no one believed in them, although lots of information is available. Alien is a modern word, which is cannot be found in religions. However, all religions talk about evils and demons. Where do you think these things exist? How do they manipulate humans? Again, like the other issues, we have no proof whether it is right or wrong. But I think one has to be ignorant to take it as totally ironic.

Speaking of Zen, I am glad that Mr. Cohen still remembered Bodhidharma's dying words. Then why do people who practice Zen still think that they can achieve enlightenment through this practice when their teacher already told them that he was unable to help them? Zen was based on the Buddha's words: "There is no Dharma that is definitive". However, similar to human societal rules, there is a different law (Fa in Buddhism and Tao in Taoism) in different levels of the universe. How can one understand the realm of Buddha with an ordinary human mentality? During the practice, we Falun Gong practitioners constantly find ourselves discovering new meanings in Mr. Li's teachings. After we advance ourselves to a higher level, we always find that our previous understandings were wrong and there is always a law at that level to guide us. Zen thinks there is no law that can be taught and one must become enlightened on his own. I wonder how they could do it (has anyone in Zen achieved enlightenment?).

What is the emptiness that Buddha referred to? "Free from the attachments is the true state of emptiness". "Non-omission is the true meaning of Emptiness. The universe is originally stored with, formed from, and inhabited by matter, how can it be empty."16 How can an ordinary person attain the state of emptiness? "In the ordinary human society and in conflicts between one and another, you compete and fight for personal interest, all kinds of human sentimentality, desires, and attachments. If you do not give up these things and care less about them, how can you attain the state of tranquility easily?"11 Whenever I encounter conflicts in my life, no matter whether it appeared to be my fault or not, if I follow Mr. Li's teaching to search within myself, I can always find my attachments. Only after I discard them, could I be able to reach tranquility during the sitting meditation. In China, Falun Gong practitioners were asked to sign statements to quit the practice. Even though they could sign it and still practice at home, they refused on behalf of the principle of Truthfulness. They lost their jobs, savings, and even lives (so far, 56 people died and hundreds of thousands were sent to prison). They are facing these losses calmly because they already attained the orthodox law and have achieved the state of ultimate emptiness.

What has Falun Gong made me understand about Medicine? I remember before the time that the microscope was invented, someone purposed microbes transmitted diseases. The scientific society thought this was mad. After we have seen the virus and bacteria, now we all agree that they cause infectious diseases. Then some people purposed that microbes caused peptic ulcers and cancer too. No one believed this until the causative agents were discovered. Now many more diseases are found to be caused by microbes. Despite these, our means to treat them are still limited--microbes are changing with more variety, resistance, and new species. Western Medicine relies on detecting these microbes in order to treat diseases. However the medicine often has side effects. Although more cases can be detected using modern technology, new drugs were constantly developed; only a few of the diseases mortalities can be reduced. Falun Gong made me realize that true causes of diseases exist in a more microscopic level (another dimension), Bacteria and viruses are just a manifestation of these matters. Traditional Chinese Medicine is different than Western Medicine in that the former is directly related to this microscopic disease source in another dimension. Chinese herbal medicines, acupuncture, and energy healing can affect this source by pushing it into a deeper microscopic level but can't eliminate it. Falun Gong can directly eliminate this disease source. However, after the source is removed, there still lies some black Qi (air) that was produced by the source and continues to come out. When the Qi travels to our physical body in this dimension, we will feel like we are experiencing the symptoms again. This is different then getting the disease. As long as one understands this mechanism and regards oneself as a practitioner, the symptom(s) will soon pass and the practitioner's body will be purified. This time the disease has been truly treated and eliminated. If a practitioner takes medicine or uses other means to treat the symptom as a disease, the black Qi will be pushed back into a deeper dimension again and his body can't be purified. This makes it impossible for such an impure body to develop Gong (the high-energy matter) and advance in cultivation.

It has been witnessed that at the time of nirvana, bodies of Lamas in Tibet are transformed into beams of light. There are also sarira (relics of a monk after cremation) collections in some temples. Why do cultivators experience such phenomenon but not ordinary people? Cultivation can extend human lives, but those people who have achieved this are not allowed to stay in ordinary human society. If all supernatural phenomenons were made public, human society would not be lost in a maze any more and ordinary people would all see the truth of the universe, making the earth a God's world. A person, who had gone to the mountains, told me about how he saw a cultivator who was 2-3 thousand years old. I believe that the Buddha had died for the same reason. He left this physical body and his soul had gone back.

Mr. Cohen criticized a survey done in Beijing, which I think is unfair. A survey is not a control study. It is a report of a possible trend by subjective findings and should not be treated by the standard of scientific study. As long as a conductor is using a valid method, it does not matter who the conductor is. As a matter of fact, the survey was conducted under the supervision of an official agency--the Physical Education Bureau. It found Falun Gong's disease effective rate to be 97%. The reason for the quoted conclusion was because the results showed the disease effective rate to be in direct proportion to the length of practice and time devoted for law study. This makes sense, because our cultivation way emphasizes on the cultivation of Xinxing. The more time for study, the more one will understand the law and follow it to improve Xinxing. Did this suggest a placebo effect? If you can call a postmenopausal woman who regained her period a placebo effect, if you can call a end-stage cancer patient whose metastasis liver tumor disappeared on a follow-up MRI after several months of Falun Gong practice without other treatments a placebo effect, if you can call a lady with a history of paralysis for 14 years who started to walk after practicing Falun Gong a placebo effect, then I will agree with you.

I have explained what Xinxing is. Mr. Li pointed out: "matter and mind are of one thing".(11) During Falun Gong practice, after I have discarded some bad attachments and upgraded my Xinxing, I can feel my mind become pure and my body become lighter. Those practitioners who have diseases will become disease free. Just like Mr. Li explained: "If a bottle filled with dirty things is sealed tightly and put into the water, it will sink to the bottom. You pour out some of its dirty things. The more you empty the bottle, the higher it will float in water. If it is completely emptied, it will float completely on the surface."(11) Zhuan Falun systemically elicits the relationship between taking and not taking medicine in the course of cultivation practice. Mr. Li never asked practitioner not to take medicine. In fact, he has said: "If you think you have diseases, you should immediately go to the hospital."(14)

Master Li

Falun Gong is conscious cultivation practice

Thousands of millions of Falun Gong practitioners have found the meaning of life. In China, most of the senior practitioners had experienced the Cultural Revolution as well as various political struggles. It will be very hard for them to be fooled. Practitioners are from different professions; many of them are doctors, scientists, and lawyers. Some of them had different religions before they started to practice. At the time I decided to practice Falun Gong, I was living a comfortable life in the United States. I was going through strenuous residency and had little time. I do not believe in superstition. The reason we chose Falun Gong was not because we were despaired to find a spiritual believe to fill our mind, but because Falun Gong is a true science. Can 100 million Falun Gong practitioners be wrong? Possibly. Then again, they may have discovered "the land" that ordinary people can never be able to imagine. We hope that every one can practice Falun Gong and benefit from Falun Gong both physically and mentally like us.

Finally, all of my opinions outlined in the article are just my shallow understandings of Falun Gong at my current level. By no means could it represent the profound teachings of Mr. Li. In order to truly understand Falun Gong, one must read Mr. Li's teaching from cover to cover and practice it in daily life.

Lao Zi said, "When a wise man hears the Tao, he will practice it diligently. When an average man hears it, he will practice it on and off. When a foolish man hears it, he will laugh at it loudly. If he does not laugh loudly, it is not the Tao."


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*All of Master Li's works are available at the website: www.falundafa.org Beginners should start with Falun Gong.
Check the following websites for more scientific evidence. http://clearwisdom.net or http://falundafa-newengland.org/MA/science/
Tracey Zhu, M.D. came to the United States from Beijing, China in 1990. She did five years of research in Molecular Biology at Yale Medical School. She completed residency at the Hospital of Saint Raphael. Now she practices Internal Medicine and acupuncture in New Haven, Connecticut. ©Reprinted fromthe Winter 2000 issue of Qi Journal

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