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Page 2 - ErMei Qigong

The method by which the lineage holder was selected was changed by the tenth lineage holder Yong Nian. Now, the lineage holder is alternated between a monk and a layman so both may take the knowledge into the world to help the sick, yet preserve the rituals and knowledge.

His disciple Zhou Qian-Chuan became the first secular lineage holder. He took this knowledge out to heal the masses. Master Zhou Qian-chuan passed the lineage to His Holiness Ju Zan, the Supreme Buddhist Abbot of China. His Holiness Ju Zan then passed the lineage to a secular student, Master Fu Wei Zhong. Master Fu's mission is to take it out into the world to help alleviate the sickness which seems to permeate society.

A posture from The Heaven and Earth Qigong Form demonstrated by Master Fu. Er Mei Qi Gong has branched off to its own science. The threefold methodology consists of motion and movement, quiet and meditation, and a combination of motion and meditation. In this way it can address the health concerns of the practitioners through their personal energy cultivation as well as the health concerns of the masses. Physical, emotional, and spiritual diseases can be treated. We look at the human body holistically instead of dividing it into compartments. We become sick when we have exhausted our energy.

This can be prevented through cultivation of knowledge by allowing our innate congenital Qi potential to re-arise in our beings. We can also generate our health to a state where you are immune to diseases

This is possible by learning how to cultivate qi in one's own body as well as how to accumulate qi in the dantiens for use either within internal organs or use to externally treat others. This training is combined with the use of sound.

Proper form, proper breathing and proper mental state is essential. These are the basics for good health. The Er Mei school emphasizes the cultivation of energy, the transmission of energy; clinical application of external energy diagnosis and treatment. Acupuncture, moxibustion, opening Heaven's door, opening the meridians, collaterals and spiritual channels, and traditional Chinese medical theory are also employed. This includes tongue diagnosis and pulsology

Special abilities are yet another level. Some of the special abilities which have been cultivated by Master Fu Wei Zhong are extra sensory perception, clairvoyance, telekinesis, telepathy, divination, energy feng shui, Aura diagnosis, hand sensitivity diagnosis, Third Eye Diagnosis, astronomy, mathematics, divine mapping, iron body and the taming of demons.

There are over 300 techniques of health, healing enlightenment in the first three levels which Master Fu is currently teaching the public.

Master Fu has been teaching publicly for ten years at major universities and hospitals, treating Chinese government officials, clergy and an international clientele from President Deng Xiaoping to the common man. James and Ben Taylor traveled to China to study with him.

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