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Page 2 - Body Posture for Qigong Practitioners

Body Posture

2. When Relaxing the Shoulders-Make them Level

If the shoulders are raised up, the qi floats and there is no power in the entire body. When the shoulders are pressed down, the internal power contracts and cannot reach the hands. The shoulders must be relaxed and force cannot be used to press them down or raise them up.

In making the shoulders level when relaxing them, it is necessary to pay attention to maintain the jian-jing (GB21 on the shoulders) and da-zhui points (DU14 on the middle upper back) on a level line. Relax the shoulders down while making them level (do not use force). This not only opens the armpits and brings life to the arms but it also causes one to feel that the internal power is rising up through the crown of the head, sinking to the middles of the soles and connecting to the hands. The shoulders cannot be raised regardless of what position is being done. This is called "locking the shoulders" Body Posture


3. When Hanging the Elbows-Bring Them Together

When the shoulders are relaxed, the power of the qi goes to the elbows and by hanging the elbows the power of the qi goes to the hands. If one is able to hang the elbows, one can naturally relax the shoulders. Therefore, hanging the elbows and opening out the wrists are key elements for issuing internal power.

Regardless of the posture, the elbow joints should never be make straight and after maintaining this arc, pay attention to mentally concentrating the internal power from the qu-chi points Li11 along the arms to the wrists (do not use force to concentrate on the tips of the elbows so as to avoid contracting the internal power and causing tenseness in the elbows). In this way, the internal power can reach the fingers and be issued from there.

Hanging the elbows should not affect the opening of the armpits, nor should one raise the elbows in order to open the armpits and thus make it impossible for the elbows to protect the ribs. The elbows must be brought together slightly so that the vertical line of the point of force of the elbows is maintained at all timed towards the knees. They are also brought together slightly towards the dan-tian so as to join the upper and lower parts of the body and have the qi go the dan-tian.


4. When Opening the Wrists-Make Them Unobstructed

If the wrists are not opened up the internal power contracts and if the wrists are not unhindered the internal power is impeded and cannot connect to the fingers. It is necessary to maintain the arc of the hanging elbows unchanged and use the mind to extend out and relax. Open the wrist joints so that the internal power is not blocked at the wrists but rather can reach the fingers.


5. The Bases of the Fingers Must Be Caved In

The bases of the four fingers cannot protrude out. The base joints of the bones (phalanx) of the four fingers must be level and unimpeded so that the hands and arms can be stretched, the middles of the hands made empty and the internal power reaches the fingers.


6. The Fingertips Must Be Bent

The five fingers must not be made straight but must be separated naturally and bent slightly so that the internal power can reach the insides of the fingers. One will then have the feeling that the internal power is extended out and the qi is retained within. If the internal power reaches the fingertips, then the qi is dispelled (when making a fist, although the five fingers are joined together and bent forward it is also necessary that the internal power reach the insides of the fingers).

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