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Page 2 - A Discourse on Qigong and Medicine

What is this regulator?

This is the vital energy, Qi, that we are talking about. Qi exists in every living body. Qi distinguishes the difference between life and death. To live is to have Qi throughout your body. To die is to be a body without Qi. But why are we not conscious of the Qi? Because its role is that of automatic regulation. When we are gradually aware of it, we may begin to feel and then grasp it. The Qi may display some exceptional functions. Practice shows that one may reach this goal through special training, called Qigong.

Let us look and see what Qi actually is. Qi symbolizes man's will and represents his vital energy. It is consciousness energy--a complex combination of both man's will and his vital energy.

Regulating internal Qi may bring real benefit to the whole body--develop wisdom, optimize intelligence and spirit, preserve health, repel diseases, and increase life span.

Emitting external Qi to a patient for therapeutical treatment may also give the patient binary benefit by way of the objective sensation of therapeutical energy and the subjective change of consciousness. As for the objective sensation of therapeutical energy, one may feel the light, heat, cold, or numbness at the body part which receives the treatment.

Does consciousness really have "a power beyond ordinary level?"

When you do a job that you like very much, you successfully concentrate your attention on the job and do not feel fatigued. Rather, you feel full of limitless energy. When you do a job that you do not like, you will feel tired much sooner. This phenomenon reveals that energy and consciousness are closely related. Through Qigong practice, the training of consciousness through exercises, the latent energy within the body is stimulated. This exercise method is called "self-cultivation", or "dynamic Qigong". As for the subjective change in consciousness on the other hand, this consciousness carrying energy surmounts any common subjective consciousness. The subjective change in consciousness is not logical thinking, nor is it a force of judgment. Rather, it may open your gate of wisdom through sound, language, or symbols. It may correct emotional imbalances and shift surrender to a disease to an active combat against the disease.

The fact that consciousness can indeed be turned into positive energy has been verified by psychologists. A woman in an emergency could lift a car that has fallen on her child, or a man may rescue a heavy lady from a blazing fire. This also suggests that man may obtain enormous energy through exercises of consciousness in terms of images. The method of exercises in terms of consciousness is called "mind-cultivation" ,or "Static Qigong". Therefore, when we talk about the effects of Qigong, both substantial sensation and change in consciousness should not be neglected. We must deal with both the material characteristics and the emotional thinking in our medical applications and research in Qigong therapy. That is to say, let the former meet natural sciences, and the latter meet psychology.

Qigong Therapy and its Characteristics

Through the analysis of the features of Qi, we have already explained that everybody may excite his or her latent energy through Qigong training over time. This latent energy of consciousness, as we called Qi, not only benefits one with wisdom and intellectual improvement, it also preserves health and prevents disease. At the same time, when Qi is emitted for medical treatment, it may also benefit the patient through effective diagnosis, thus enhancing medical efficacy. This Qigong treatment was called "daoyin inducement" in ancient times. Compared with other medical treatments, it has some special features.

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