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Page 2 - Drink To Your Health: The Benefits of Green Tea

If you are a mouse in a high-risk group for cancer, researchers are already quite clear on how green tea can improve your health and chances of survival. But what about humans? Some studies have shown a correlation between green tea consumption and reduced cancer risk in humans. Statistical studies show that Japanese people who drink a lot of green tea show lower rates of all types of cancer, and especially stomach cancer.

Further research is needed to pin down the specific health benefits of green tea to humans, because there's no way to know for certain, via statistical research, where the health benefits are coming from. in order words, if you are the type of person who prefers green tea, you may also be the type of person who does many other health things.

In the meantime, a couple of things seem certain. First, it if turns out that the risk of cancer can be reduced by something as simple as drinking a cup of tea, we can expect to be hearing a lot more about it. Finally, to paraphrase one researcher, a cup or two a day can't hurt!

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