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Page 8 - The Need for Reality Testing in Feng Shui

PHASE I is the Wood phase.

PHASE II is the Water phase.

PHASE III is the Fire phase.

PHASE IV is the Metal phase.

PHASE V is the Earth phase.

Now, add up each phase by subtracting the negatives from the positives and see which ones have the highest numbers. Often you will have a phase or phases that are negative. This is OK. The phase with the least amount of negatives is the dominant one. It is the proportion between the phases that is important. One thing we noticed about this questionnaire was that there is a predominance of Water people that take the test and there are hardly any Earth people who take it. It seems that Earth types don't even get into Feng Shui in the first place! However, if you happen to be one of the rare Earth types that is interested, or one of the other types, with a little practice you will be amazed at what you can learn about yourself both physically and psychologically from studying the creative/ destructive cycles.

With this questionnaire, I feel you can now confidently utilize your findings with other aspects of Compass School Feng Shui. What we need to do now is to verify the relevance of the Energy Calendar as it exists today. This will involve gathering a lot of statistics but it would be an invaluable contribution to humanity if we were to prove the relevance of the calendar or the discovery of more accurate cycles that lie at the heart of all transformation. Don't you feel a contribution of that magnitude would be worth the effort? An in depth discussion on how to harmonize with your environment based on your predominant phase is beyond the scope of this article.

So I would like to conclude with a reminder to question, test and verify everything, regardless of how you practice Feng Shui. It will be only through doing this that we will arrive at the incredible depths of Feng Shui and therefore of all life itself.

Mark Johnson Mark Johnson started his Compass School Feng Shui studies in 1970 in Pasadena, CA with Professor Hua. He furthered his studies with a one-year sabbatical in Taiwan in 1974. He has taught Feng Shui seminars all over the country and has written several articles on the subject. He is a major contributor to the book "Feng Shui Anthology".
©Reprinted from Spring 1997 issue of Qi Journal.

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