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Spring 2018.
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Page 7 - The Need for Reality Testing in Feng Shui

____ Are you a "law and order" person?
____ Do you hold righteousness and virtue in high regard?
____ Are rituals important to you?
____ Do you have stiff joints and muscles?
____ Is chaos your enemy?
____ Do you have no time for nonsense?
____ Do you hold very precise standards?
____ Are you really sensitive to temperature changes?
____ Are you intolerant of disorder and dissonance?
____ Is your skin and hair really dry?
____ Do you fear intimacy?
____ Do you have a strong aesthetic sense?
____ Does carelessness in others drive you up a wall?
____ Are you considered cool, dispassionate and distant?
____ Do you have a tight chest with dry coughing?
____ Are reason and high principles your guiding light?
____ Are you a little too strict and nit-picky?
____ Do you have refined tastes?
____ Have you been called self-righteous?
____ Do you have a lot of moles and warts?
____ Is social involvement on the bottom of your list of important things to do?
____ Do you have sinus problems?
____ Does your constant self control drive your spontaneous friends crazy?
____ Are you into changing other people?
____ Do you suffer from constipation?

____ Do you see yourself as a service oriented person?
____ Are you working on being more self-reliant?
____ Do your friends often use you as a negotiator?
____ Is bloating and water retention a problem?
____ Do you struggle with inertia and feel "stuck" sometimes?
____ Does nurturing come easy to you?
____ Are you haunted with self-doubt?
____ Do you like to be in charge, but not in the limelight?
____ Does your efficiency leave something to be desired?
____ Does your need to be accommodating result in conformity?
____ Do you often go through an identity crisis?
____ Is a need to belong strong in you?
____ Do you suffer with muscle tenderness?
____ Are you referred to as a "peacemaker" by your friends?
____ Do you regard loyalty as being one of the more important traits in a person?
____ Are you quite conservative in your thinking?
____ Do you have a strong need to be needed?
____ Are you often involved in everybody else's business?
____ Do you suffer with swollen glands and other lymphatic disorders?
____ Would you like things more predictable because things are changing too fast?
____ Do you tend to be overly protective?
____ Do unrealistic expectations leave you disappointed much of the time?
____ Do you try to be all things to all people?
____ Is there a deep "emptiness" in the pit of your stomach?
____ Do you have a squarish, solid physique?

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