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Page 5 - The Need for Reality Testing in Feng Shui

Money Tree

Many Compass School practitioners insist your energy composition at birth is as determined as your DNA, but I personally have seen people change their basic make up with drug abuse, near death experiences, mystical experiences, etc. So I am not convinced you are absolutely wedded to your birth composition and that you can't evolve beyond it. So, having a reading as you are now is imperative. When you analyze the results, you not only have a clear picture of which element predominates, you can also see which elements are deficient. That way you not only learn that you mostly relate to life as a "Wood" person for instance, you also become aware of the need to compensate for a weak "Earth" phase, etc.

So now here is the test in its entirety and don't peek to see what phase you are relating to until after you finish. And do not put down what you what to be instead of what you are or it won't be accurate. If the question sounds a lot like you, put in a +2. If it is somewhat like you, put in a +1. Zero is neutral. A -1 is not much like you, and a -2 is nothing like you. If you hate questionnaires and refuse to do it, you are more than likely a "Wood" person!

Feng Shui Questionnaire

____ Are you a natural born initiator?
____ Do you have problems with authority figures?
____ Do you suffer from migratory pains?
____ Do you act assertively and confidently?
____ Does other people's slowness and clumsiness irritate you?
____ Do you like struggling against great odds and proving to others you can do it?
____ Are you frequently doing something or going somewhere?
____ Do you have high blood pressure?
____ Have you often been told you don't compromise much?
____ Do you always have to be the first and best?
____ Does confinement and sitting quietly drive you crazy?
____ Do you get frequent muscle cramps?
____ Do you like to make the rules and then break them?
____ Are you passionate about everything you do?
____ Do you pioneer new trails wherever you go?
____ Do your nails alternate between hard and thick and dry and brittle?
____ Are you impatient with uncommitted people with no direction?
____ Is your own personal freedom really important in your life?
____ Are you afraid to show vulnerability?
____ Do you love speed and adventure?
____ Have you ever had tendonitis?
____ Do you tend to manipulate people and situations to get what you want?
____ Is controlling your anger one of your biggest problems?
____ Do you find any kind of restraint insufferable?
____ Do you do your best work under pressure?

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