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Page 4 - Universal Earth Energy: The Roots of our Nature

All roads lead to Paris

In Paris, there are no straight streets, except for the Champs d'Elyses. This magnificent street connects such spiritual structures as The Louvre Museum, the Egyptian Obelisk, and the Arch de Triumph. It terminates with the modern sacred structure, La Grande Arche, located in the La Defense section. With only one straight street and so many important monuments on it, could it be that the Parisian Earth Designers intuitively knew how to lay out the city to connect this important street to a ley line and the earth's energy?

I wanted to get close to La Grande Arche, not only because it is architecturally interesting, or because it has a geodesic type structure, but because it intuitively called to me. Not taking my intuition lightly, I knew it was time to be lead on a journey.

Ascending in the exterior glass elevator, I went up to the rooftop observation deck. As I walked out, a roof-sized astrological chart greeted me. It was cloudy that day, but it seemed to me like a gigantic sundial. I suspect when there are shadows, they indicate where the sun is positioned in the heavens, and if the date were April 20, the spring equinox, shadows would indicate the sun entering Aries.

Sacred modern architecture is alive...man is an integral part of the heavens...and of the universe!

The architect had used the heavens as a design tool, just as ancient Egyptian, Greek, Mayan, Aztec, and other cross-cultural Earth Designers have done since man began constructing buildings.

From Stone Age to New Age, Earth Design is about vision

As you begin to use Earth Design and develop sensitivity to the principles of nature, you lighten up. You are gentler with yourself and the people around you. You become more at ease with life. Your new perceptions enable you to make better decisions. People enter your life with a willingness to support your goals, knowing that in turn you will help them reach theirs. You work smarter, not harder, leaving more time for the other joys of life.

Now, isn't Earth Design easier to grasp and pronounce?

When life is full, all riches come with greater grace. When you are rich in your complete humanness, you set an example, inspiring others to live to their full and balanced potential.


Jamie LinJami Lin transformed Feng Shui by integrating interior decorating and self-development to bring EarthDesigntm home to the spirit. Interior designer, internationally renowned Feng Shui lecturer and consultant, Jami has authored two books: "Feng Shui Today: Earth Design the Added Dimension," and "The Essence of Feng Shui: Balancing Your Body, Home, and Life with Fragrance." She also compiled "The Feng Shui Anthology," and "Feng Shui Today: Enrich Your Life by Design." videos. Feel free to contact Jami at her email: earthdes@gate.net,or her office at 800-EarthDesign or 305-756-6426, or PO Box 530725, Miami Shores, FL 33153 USA. Website: http://www. jamilin.com Reprinted from the Summer 2000 issue of "Qi Journal"

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