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Page 4 - The Need for Reality Testing in Feng Shui

They interact in a 60 unit cycle and each phase has a Yin and Yang aspect. The calendar theory postulates that 10 energies come down from Heaven and interact with 12 energies rising up from the Earth. Hence, after 60 possible combinations, the cycle repeats itself. For instance, 1996-1997 is a (Heavenly influenced) Yang Fire year and an (Earthly influenced) Yang Water "Rat" year. Next year is a Yin Fire-Yin Earth Ox year. In 60 years, these same combinations will repeat themselves. These same combinations also apply to the months, days and double hours of the day.

Lets say you were born on September the 6th, 1996 at noon. Your energy combination would be... Yang Fire/Yang Water (this year); Yang Fire/Yang Metal (month); Yang Fire/Yang Fire (day) and Yang Metal/Yang Fire (hour). Note the preponderance of "Yang" and the "Fire" element and a complete lack of the "Earth" and "Wood" element. This is one fiery individual! Finding a home for this person would be easy. Any house that moderates the "Fire" and strengthens the other 2 phases is easy to create. It is when an individual has an almost even combination of phases that the remedy becomes more complex. This reminds me of a story told to me by one of my Feng Shui teachers... He had an uncle who was born in a double Yang Fire year (1906) a Fire-Metal month (August) a double Yang Fire day (August 30) at noon (a double Yang fire hour!). When he turned 60, which means this unusual energy combination would repeat itself, his family astrologer advised him to walk out into the lake with his pockets full of stones to hold him down and not come out of the water until 1 am for fear of him spontaneously combusting! He did it and was fine. I only mention this to illustrate how seriously some of the more highly educated Chinese take that calendar. And all that leads to my concern.

After having done energy calculations for some 25 years now, I am convinced that their energy calendar is not accurate with a certain percentage of the people involved. For the first 3 years of training, I faithfully went by my first teacher's chart that said if you were born in 1942 and were a male, you were a "Wood" person. I soon found that to be inaccurate and overly simplified. That would be like everyone born in 1942 being a Scorpio! My next teacher computed the energy of the year and month and arrived at a trigram that represented the client. That wasn't accurate either, so out of desperation, I went to Chinese astrology and used the 4 Pillar method. (I computed the energies of the year, month, day, hour.) This gave me the mix of strengths and weaknesses that I found very helpful and accurate for the most part. However, in teaching Feng Shui seminars, 4 out of 20 people invariably insisted they were not at all like what the 4 Pillar's method indicated.

For years I dismissed them as not really knowing themselves, but now I suspect the calendar isn't relevant for some people. It is only reasonable to me that any cycle that is 5,000 years old has strayed from the unchanging, rigid cycle we now have. As a result of my suspicions, I have created a questionnaire based on the 5 phases as they relate to health and attitude. The beauty of it is that it is a reading of your energy field as it exists now according to your own testimony. Since no one knows what phase the question relates to until completion of the questionnaire, it is also unbiased.

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