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Page 3 - Universal Earth Energy: The Roots of our Nature

Nature as the Supreme Model

Throughout history, Earth Design has been the physical manifestation of man's spiritual evolution. With intuitive observation and spiritual awareness, Plato and Pythagoras validated Earth Design through mathematics and science. More recent Earth Designers also applied their intuition to interpreting nature's laws. Frank Lloyd Wright explored the cantilever by imitating how a tree branch extended off its deeply rooted trunk.

Buckminster Fuller designed the Geodesic Dome according to the magnetic grid lines of the earth and The Platonic Solids. You do not have to be a masterful designer to start developing your own intuitive sensitivity.

One day, I was hiking in the Canadian Rockies, and I gradually came to recognize that Johnson Canyon was constructed by fire (igneous) and earth (rock), magnificently chiseled by water (glacial runoff) and air (winds). Because I had a working knowledge of Feng Shui, I realized that if the natural five elements had the power to create such wonder, it would be easy to understand how using representations of the five elements in our homes and offices could make a significant impact on our lives.

Use nature's perfection as a model; she is rich and abundant. As part of the natural order, you are also perfect and have the opportunity, when you combine it with motivation and hard work, to grow in wealth. By wealth, I am referring to the humanness of being, which is the joy of life: rich in respect, love, and health, ready to give to each other and back to the earth.

The spiritual aspect of Earth Design is the most exciting part. The more your physical environment provides a conscious or unconscious base of comfort and beauty for your body, the more your mind and spirit are free to reach great heights. Pyramid at Louvre entrance

The entrance to the Louvre Museum beautifully represents the physical manifestation of this concept. It masterfully expresses global spiritual evolution and is displayed for the whole world to experience.

The entryway, which is the most important part of any space, is a large crystal pyramid. When you look at this sacred shape, you are reminded different from those of the Egyptians and the Mayans, or of the steeple of a church or mosque? They are all physical representation of man's quest for ascension.

Mr. I. M. Pei, who designed this recent addition to the Louvre, used today's technology and building materials to design a pyramid of light. What does that concept mean to you? Standing under the street level, in the belly of the pyramid, you can look up through the glass at three different building facades. The spirit of today's architectural contribution serves to connect the buildings that were constructed over the centuries. Each has a unique facade, reflecting the architectural style of the period it was constructed. In the womb, you can look up at design history.

Through the light, you experience evolution through Earth Design. I experienced pure magic when I entered this light pyramid. I descended from street level on a beautiful spiral staircase. All of a sudden, through the middle of this spiral, a stainless-steel cylinder started to rise from its base; I realized this was the elevator. When fully extended, I saw the double helix of DNA, and the universal mathematic proportion of pi. Evolution.

Like traditional pyramids, there are underground passages that connect the pyramid to the various wings of the museum. One passage terminates at the subway. At the entry to the terminal, there is a marble pyramid four feet square at the base. Right above its apex is an inverted glass pyramid of the same proportion: apex-to-apex. Above the double pyramid, as part of the building structure, is one of the three pyramid-shaped skylights that surround the larger main entry pyramid. (Aren't there also three smaller pyramids at Giza?)

Here I was greeted (at a subway entrance no less!) by the hermetic wisdom: "As above; So below. "Through the funnel of the glass pyramid, light fills the solid and stable earth plane for universal balance. Where the pyramids merge, looking almost as if they had been computer generated, a three-dimensional Star of David is created connecting heaven and earth.

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