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Page 3 - The Need for Reality Testing in Feng Shui

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Is it true that homes in the direct path of a straight, busy street will have more troubles than those that are more auspiciously located? I actually interviewed 22 homes in that position and compared their interviews with their neighbors that were better situated and I found no difference in overall living satisfaction. This investigation was hardly scientific, but it makes me wonder. Is it true that a house with the front and back door in a straight line actually lose good Qi in any tangible way? Let's investigate. Does a ceiling beam situated across a the bed affect sleep and possibly influence a couple's marital status? This could be easily verified. Is the right corner (Kun) truly associated with marriage and the left corner (Hsun) truly associated with wealth... especially since the original compass directions ascribed to those trigrams are ignored? This is also an easy one to test.

Have you actually gone to a house that violated every known law of Feng Shui and asked the people living there how they were doing? I do it all the time and usually they are as well off as those in better situated houses. These are the kinds of questions we could all ask and we could all be involved in verifying the results. There has never been a time when verification has been easier. With access to 60 million people, the Internet is the perfect place to interview and gather the necessary statistics. However, all that is only half the equation. Those questions were mostly generated from the "Form School". There is a complimentary school of Feng Shui called the "Compass School" that involves issues of a completely different nature. This has been my area of interest for the past 25 years and is mostly concerned with the energy composition of people and how to harmonize them with the energies of their house. This can become quite complicated as it usually involves knowing the birthdays of everyone involved, the orientation of the house, its shape, age, and even the celestial influences on it. For the sake of simplicity I will limit myself to an introduction to the energy calendar for not only is it the foundation of the Compass School, it is the area of my greatest concern. I will introduce it, share my observations and offer a solution to its possible inaccuracy.

First of all, the ancient Chinese energy calendar is not the exclusive property of Feng Shui. It is referred to on the earliest bronzes found to date (2000 BC.) so it predates formalized Feng Shui by thousands of years. Rumor has it that the Yellow Emperor's ministers of science started it in conjunction with a planetary alignment 4,694 years ago. My astronomer friends tell me there was no alignment at that time but there was an interesting alignment of the 5 inner planets (the only ones they knew at that time) on March 5, 1953 BC. Maybe that was when it really began as some astronomers believe. None the less, it exists. It is the backbone for Chinese astrology, Taoist secret practices and even some traditional Chinese medical doctors utilize it extensively in their practices. It is still on Chinese calendars today and billions of Chinese refer to it daily. It is predicated upon the interaction of 5 primal forces or 5 phases of energy in constant transformation. (sometimes mistakenly called the 5 elements but they cannot be rightly called "elements" because they are not "things") The 5 forces are labeled; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. They interact in a constructive and destructive manner and these relationships should be memorized. Fire created Earth. Earth creates Metal. Metal creates Water. Water creates Wood and Wood creates Fire. Wood destroys Earth. Earth destroys Water. Water destroys Fire. Fire destroys Metal and Metal destroys Wood.

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