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Page 3 - FengShui FAQ

Q: How does a fireplace in thebedroom cause a couple to argue?

A: A fireplacecontains fire energies which are known to be burning, dry, furious, dangerousand stuffy can aggravate the people in the bedroom to be moody or easily hot tempered, inducing quarrels and bickering. Again, this is one of 60 factors in feng shui and its affects will vary depending on the size, proximity, usage and people who use the bedroom. Crystals or green plants can be used to neutralize the fireplace's negative effects.

Q: I had my house feng shui adjusted and things improved for me and my family. However, the following year, things went sour again. What happened?

A: Feng shui is not a quick fix, it is a way of living. Every year, there is a major shift in the planets. Adjustments need to be made every Lunar New Year. There are certain direction frequencies that are stronger or weaker every year and we need to know how to neutralize the negative and tap into the positive.

Q: There are train tracks in front of my house. Will this affect my home business?

A: Train tracks are extremely long metal rails that cut into or are pierced into the earth. They carry heavy trains that travel at fast spends which cause strong vibrations that shake and damage the earth's energy for many miles. This usually causes buildings located near the railroad track to have weak or unstable energies as well. The noise and frequency of the railroad is prone to induce stress, inability to focus and lack of energy. Homes and businesses typically do not do well in these areas. Of course, this is also one of 60 factors that influences us. The railroad's effect will also vary depending on how strongor tolerant the residents are, how long they have been exposed to the railroad, how close the railroad is, how often the train runs and the direction the railroad tracks are located. The railroad's negative energy is hard to neutralize. Long term residence next to an active train track is not recommended.

Q: Is it true that if my front door is aligned to my back door, all my money will flow out?

A: Having the front and back door align lets the energy flow out of the house too easily. When the house lacks energy, it can cause money problems. However, again, this is also one out of 60 factors that influence our well-being. Thereare varying types and degrees of money loss depending on the direction and location of the door.

Q: Is it true that it is no tgood to have bedrooms located on top of garages?

A: In general,bedrooms should be located on stable grounds. Because the garage is where cars go in and out, the energy is always moving. Being located over the garage can cause insecurity and not allow one to reach one's potential. Nonetheless, if the direction is correct for the person using that bedroom, they know how to make their own energies stronger through exercise and meditation,a nd the feng shui of the rest of the house is good, the unstable energies of the garage may be minimal.

Q: There are so many Chinese restaurants that use aquariums. Do they bring prosperity to businesses?

A: Aquariums can be used to activate energy and promote money income in a business place. The correct number and type of fish and the aquarium's location must match the owner's energy. Not everyone is suited to use the aquarium to promote their business.


Jenny Liu, the author: Feng shui is passed down from generation to generation. As daughter and disciple of Master Liu Chi Jen, Jenny has grown up being exposed to feng shui at a very young age. Working alongside her father, she has first hand experience in feng shui. Together, they have over twenty years of experience in consulting. Jenny has a BA degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a MA in Architecture from UCLA. Having done her master's thesis on feng shui, she is currently writing a book on the subject to promote this natural way of living for the benefit of mankind.

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