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Page 2 - Feng Shui Astrology

Magic Square Diagram

Figure 1

The dynamic nature of flying star feng shui is revealed in the ancient lo shui or magic square (see figure 1 above). This nine-section configuration is the framework for calculating flying star qi. There are nine sections or "palaces" and each contains three time stars; they are not really stars, but qi with specific qualities and relate to the eight trigrams of the Yi Jing.

Time stars are related to a 20-year cycle based on the construction year of a building (see Table 1). These stars float or fly throughout this magic square in specific patterns. Time stars remain in a palace for the life of the structure, but the quality of each star changes during cycles of time, during some cycles of time, stars are favorable and others unfavorable (see Table 3). These favorable or unfavorable aspects of stars reflect the central theme of the Yi Jing: change. Stars and their qualities are in cycles of timeliness and untimeliness; timeliness reflects the yang or favorable aspect of a star and untimeliness reflects the yin or unfavorable aspect of a star (see tables 2 and 3. The timeliness aspect of xuan kong or flying star feng shui is the key and power of this system. Selecting the right building at the right time is the key to having a fortunate living environment.

Eight Palaces

Figure 2: Orientation

Traditionally, feng shui charts are presented with the south at top, in reality a structure is segmented into eight palaces (see figure 2) and the direction at the top will change based on the actual direction.

The years 1984-2003 comprise the 20-year cycle seven, which means star seven is most timely and stars eight and nine are also timely; they represent future cycles and their energy is strong (table 3). The objective is identifying palaces containing stars seven, eight and nine because they promote health, happiness and prosperity for the years 1984-2003. Based on certain formulas beyond the scope of this article, stars one, four and six are safe stars; the untimely stars are two, three and five. These untimely stars need to be balanced with five element remedies. The key is to position oneself in palaces with timely stars, for example, entrance, master bedroom, office and rooms where one spends time; these energies promote positive and favorable activities and their qi influences people spending time in those palaces.

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