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Page 2 - Universal Earth Energy: The Roots of our Nature

You are part of nature's wholeness. The same energy that holds the earth's cycles together also holds your personal energetic cycle together.

Water is a beautiful example of an earth cycle: water falls to earth through precipitation; it is absorbed by the earth, plants, and animals; it evaporates into the air and continues to cycle because of the earth's force.

The mind-body-spirit triad, physically represented by the pyramid, is your personal energetic cycle. This cycle is what gives you your humanness and reason for being. Each element in the pyramid supports and nourishes the others.

A focused mind directs the body to do remarkable tasks, and the body increases in strength. A strong body supports the mind and spirit. The mind grows in confidence, and humankind reaches for higher goals. An open mind has the ability to receive expanded knowledge, which cultivates growth of the spirit. Through spiritual awareness, mental and physical sensibilities become more finely developed.

Intuition is the added dimension that exponentially evolves the personal triad.

Earth Design is a tool to help you unite the three dimensions of the triad. It grounds you in your surroundings and increases your sensitivity to how space affects you. You can then intuitively make energetic adjustments in your environment to create balance and harmony of mind, body, and spirit.

Earth Design teaches you to use nature's perfect cycles as a model for your own energetic cycle. As you refine your cycle, you begin creating a personal mythology in your own sacred space, your home. You become the protagonist, creating and living your own mythology. It is a tool for planning your environment to evolve your personal mythology: your own success stories. There are issues throughout your life that define your myth. Marriage, career, childbirth, and the death of a loved one can all be vehicles of transformation. A clear example in today's society of how personal myth, cycles, and Earth Design are played out is the American woman reaching mid-life changes.

I had three women clients who had all reached an archetypal rite of passage, a mid-life crossroads. One cycle of their lives had ended, and they were all looking to make changes to continue on their life path. The first had put her career on hold to raise her children and was now ready to get back to the work she loved. Forty and divorced, the second woman had a solid and successful business but was looking for a fulfilling life partner. The last had given herself away as a caretaker to her husband and mother to her children. At fifty-five, her children had families of their own, and her husband had left her for a younger woman. She was alone, without a sense of identity. Through Earth Design, I was able to help each of them identify blockages in their sacred spaces, their homes, and to suggest adjustments for making the necessary energetic shifts. By implementing EarthDesign solutions in their lives, they were able to take control of their situations. They realized that they were the hero of their own lives and myths!

At whatever stage you find yourself, you too can use your personal energetic cycle and Earth Design to make the energetic shift. It is time to evolve and take control of your own destiny. Spirit tells you that guidance and strength come from beyond yourself; as the hero, you have what it takes to transcend all odds. Most myths end with a variation of "...and the world was peaceful again." or "...and they lived happily ever after." Earth Design solutions can help bring that balance into your life.

Like an archetypal "Star Wars" hero, man and mythology continue to evolve, like the ever-expanding sacred geometry of the pi spiral.

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