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Page 2 - The Need for Reality Testing in Feng Shui

Practitioner #5 says that knowing the energy of your birth year is not enough so they calculate your month, day and hour energy also and conclude you are a "Fire" person being hurt by living next to a big lake.

Practitioner #6 factors in the age of the house in conjunction with the Lo Pan and a 20-year Saturn, Jupiter cycle that indicates a locked house where money is concerned. They suggest you add water to the house with a pond. Crane and Tortoise

Practitioner #7 says the ceiling beam across your desk is hurting your money making ability and hangs a bamboo flute from the beam.

Practitioner #8 using the outer ring on their Lo Pan says that one of the 28 Constellations called the "Tail" is very inauspiciously placed over your office. (some call them the 28 Lunar Mansions) and suggests using the room under the constellation the "Stomach".

Practitioner #9 comes into the house with a car radio antenna in his hand that swivels in a holder and lets the rotating antenna tell him where the Qi flows are and then makes suggestions accordingly. ( I actually saw this in Taiwan)

Practitioner #10 says the steep cliff at the end of the backyard is draining all the good Qi off and suggests putting up a retaining wall to hold it in.

Practitioner #11 is finally called in (that's usually me, having been trained in Taiwan and the U.S. in both Compass School and the Form School since 1970) and after assessing the entire situation, I often end up saying something to the effect: "you could substantially increase your income If you were to get off welfare and get your high school diploma" and out I would go.

So you get my point. This present state of affairs is ludicrous and confusing. Do we really believe that mirrors and flutes are going to change people's tendencies in any lasting and meaningful way? Do we really believe their 5,000-year-old energy cycle charts are still accurate and relevant today? There is a lot of investigation that needs to be done or we will all go down the tubes because of our inability to match our exaggerated claims with lasting changes.

I am aware that every practitioner has their litany of spectacular successes but from my own investigations, I have found that in many cases after the novelty, excitement, and the placebo effect wears off, not much real change has been brought about. I have also noticed that there is not much follow up with a client to see if there has been any lasting change nor are there any records being kept. So, that is one thing we can all do regardless of our orientation. And that is to keep better statistics and share them with each other. That way we will eventually learn what works and what doesn't. Also, we can all start questioning and testing some of the basic premises of Feng Shui. For instance, does "harmful Sha" really follow straight lines? There are easy experiments we could set up to test that hypothesis.

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