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Page 2 - FengShui FAQ

Q: Ms. Marshall tells me that she lives right next door to a cemetery. (within 7 ft. of her apartment). She wonders about the influence it has on her abode. Although she does not feel oppressed by it, she wonders if it is useful to add some protection to the boundary by placing a Bagua mirror outside along the wall of the apartment that faces the graves. The theory being to reflect its influence. Since she has one above her doorway on the opposite side of the building to attract blessings to her door, she is not sure if this is advisable.

A: A cemetery has strong "yin" or dark energies of death. This imbalance of yin/yang energies can cause instability by lowering the energies around it. Depending on which direction the cemetery is at in relation to Ms. Marshall's apartment, how large it is, and the nature of the people who are buried in the cemetery, there are different levels of effects. Also, depending on the energies of the people who live next to a cemetery and how long they have lived there, they may not always be aware of how the negative energies effect them. It is usually not advisable to live next to a cemetery. Although Ms. Marshall may not feel oppressed, over time, she may find it hard to excel. Ba Gua (eight trigram direction) mirrors can be placed to reflect away negative energies. However, its effects may be limited on a cemetery. Ba Gua mirrors are not used to attract positive energies. In many cases like this, an altar is usually setup to help release negative frequencies and allow positive energies to help you.

Q: Mrs. Wong asks how can she can find out about the effects of colors chosen for rooms? Specifically, she plans to paint her kitchen. She would like something light and cheery, and was thinking of yellow until a nurse told her that yellow had some negativity about it.

A: Everyone has an unique Qi or energy field. Depending on yourbody's energy, there are certain colors that can have positive or negative affects on you. In relation to feng shui, not only the kitchen, but depending on where every room is located (direction), there are different colors every year you can use to stimulate positive effects.

Q: I read somewhere that exposed beams in our living room affects our money making potential, but our money situation is just fine.

A. Exposed beams are one out of 60 factors that has varying degrees of affect on uswhich may or may not be physically apparent. How it influences our well-being depends on the ceiling height, if the beams are structural or weight bearing, how much time is spent under the beams and the physical and mental strength of the person under the beam. For instance if there are decorative (not weight bearing) exposed beams in a living room with a high ceiling of about 20 feet and the family rarely uses the living room, it can have little affecton their well-being. However, if there are large structural beams over a standard 8-10 feet high bedroom or office, the beams are directly over the person's head or shoulder, they are in this position at least 8 hours aday, and the person is highly susceptible to stress and have been living or working in this room for three to four years, there is a 90% chance they suffer chronic head and shoulder tension/pains which may impact their health and ability to work efficiently. Still if the person's constitution is strong,they know how to neutralize the physical and psychological pressures of the beams overhead, they may not be negatively effected.

Q: I read that because the sunrises on the east, the eastern direction is the best direction for a house to face.

A: This is not necessarily true. As everyone has a unique energy field, there are certain directions that allow them to be better synchronized with the Earth's and planets. This is usually determined by a person's birthday. Depending on your birthday, your energy may be categorized under either the Western Direction Patterns or the Eastern Direction Patterns. If you are a Western Direction Pattern person, your energies are strongest in the northwest, west, southwestand northeast directions. This means the facing direction of your home/officedoor where the energy comes in, the master bedroom/work station, where ever you spend the most time should also be in these directions. Every year the planets shift and there will be certain directions that are stronger than others. For instance, in the year 1997, the strongest directions for Western Direction Pattern people are northwest and northeast.

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