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Page 3 - Feng Shui Astrology

House Diagram

Diagram 1

Diagram 1 is an actual floor plan of an apartment, the enlarged and bold numbers or stars are timely and most favorable. The following is a basic flying star feng shui evaluation.

* The entrance has timely star eight and star one. Star eight is timely and promotes fame, name and fortune; Star one is safe and usable in this 20-year cycle. This is excellent qi for the entrance, which is one of the most influential areas of a building.

* The bedroom contains star six and star four; both are safe and usable.

* The office contains timely star Seven; it is very fortunate for wealth. Star nine is distant timely and promotes achievement, success and growth.

* Timely star seven is in the north west, it promotes wealth and fertility; an office or revenue generating area should be located in this palace.

* Future timely star nine is located in the south palace and promotes achievement, success and growth.

* The north east contains stars five and three, both are untimely and generate disease, pain, sickness, gossip, arguments and lawsuits. Ideally, this area should be a closet, laundry room or storage space. This area should remain empty and inactive.

* An advanced level of flying star feng shui includes five special qi configurations in every building. These qi configurations last for the life of the building and must be remedied.

1. Favorable for Health, Relationships and Wealth.

2. Unfavorable for Health, Relationships and Wealth.

3. Favorable for Health and Relationships, but Unfavorable for Wealth.

4. Favorable for Wealth, but Unfavorable for Health and Relationships.

5. A building is locked or in prison, either wealth or health and relationships. This means for a specific 20-year cycle a building will have misfortune in wealth or health and relationships. In the floor plan in Diagram 1, notice the stars in the center palace, 8 and 6, in table 1 the years 2004-2023 are cycle 8. Because star 8 is in the center palace, this building goes into prison for the years 2004-2023, This must be corrected or the health and relationships of the residents will be filled with misfortune.

The stars on the left hand side in each palace relate to health and relationships and the stars on the right hand side relate to wealth or career. A professional flying star feng shui consultant is able to identify this type of building and provide the proper remedy. Otherwise, this invisible qi will create misfortune and nobody will now why.

David Twicken, Ph.D., L.Ac. has studied, practiced and taught Asian Arts for more than 25 years and is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in Los Angeles, California. David teaches Oriental Medicine, Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Qi Gong throughout the United States. David is the author of: "Classical Five Element Chinese Astrology Made Easy"; "Flying Star Feng Shui Made Easy"; "Four Pillars and Oriental Medicine"; "East-West Palmistry"; "Spiritual Qi Gong".

©2001 Qi Journal

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