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Idiom 1
Idiom 1: Zhao1 san1 mu4 si4
Three in the morning and four in the evening
Idiom 2
Idiom 2: Shou3 zhu1 dai4 tu4
Stand by a stump waiting for more hares to come and dash against it

Idiom 3
Idiom 3: Hu2 jia3 hu3 wei1
The fox borrows the tiger's terror

Idiom 4
Idiom 4: Lan4 yu2 chong1 shu4
Pass oneself off as one of the Yu players in an ensemble

Idiom 5
Idiom 5: Dui4 niu2 tan2 qin2
Play the lute to an ox

Idiom 6
Idiom 6: Ming2 luo4 sun1 shan1
Fall behind Sun Shan on the list

Idiom 7
Idiom 7: Ke4 zhou1 qiu2 jian4
Cut a mark on the side of a boat to indicate the place where one's sword has dropped into the river.

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