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Page 4 - Idioms

Idiom  22
Idiom 22: Hua4 she2 tian1 zu2
Draw a snake and add feet to it.

Idiom 23
Idiom 23: Dong1 shi1 xiao4 pin2
Dongshi's imitation of frowning.

Idiom  24
Idiom 24: Zou3 ma3 kan4 hua1
Look at flowers while riding on horseback.

Idiom  25
Idiom 25: Ci4 di2 wu1 yin2 sanbai2 liang2
No 300 taels of silver buried here.

Idiom  26
Idiom 26: Cheng2 men2 shi1 huo3, yang1 ji2 chi2 yu2
When the city gate catches fire, the fish in the moat suffer.

Idiom  27
Idiom 27: Yu2 gong1 yi2 shang1
Yugong's determination in moving a mountain.

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