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Page 3 - Daoist (Taoist) Immortals


Tie Gwai Li

According to legends, his original name is Li Xuang. He met Tai Shang Lao Jun and became a celestrial being. Legends state that he was a personal friend of Lao Tzu, the famous philosopher. When his spirit went adventuring, his body was left in the care of a disciple. On one occasion, the disciple was called away, and when Tie Gwai Li returned, his body had disappeared. He then took possession of the body of a dying beggar, and in such, is always portrayed supported by a crutch and a pilgrim's gourd as his trademark items. He is lame, so he sprinkles water on a bamboo cane and turns it into a iron walking stick. He is also called Tei Guai Li because his surname is connected with "Tie Guai" which means "iron walking stick".


Mang Mu Nian Niang

Also named Xi Wang Mu, Jing Mu, or Xi Lao. According to the "Biography of Emperor Mu Tien Zi", she is a fair and gentle elderly woman with a gift of singing. But according to the "Biography of Emperor Han Mu Ti:", she is about thirty-years old and an exceedingly beautiful goddess. She bestowed the flat peaches, which blossom once every three thousand years, on Emperor Han Wu Ti. When the flat peaches bear fruits, she always entertains the celestial beings with them in celebration of her birthday.


Shou Xin

In Chinese, "Shou Xin" means "Star of Longevity". He is both an immortal and a powerful symbol of long life. His portrait is often displayed during one's birthday for good luck. He is perhaps the most recognized of the immortals because his likeness is used for so many purposes. You can find statues of him and his wife in gift stores around the world and pictures of him appear on posters, gift wrapping, and gift cards.

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