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Page 2 - Idioms

Idiom 8
Idiom 8: Wang2 yang2 bu3 lao2
Mend the pen after sheep are lost.

Idiom 9
Idiom 9: Zi4 xiang1 mao2 dun4
Contradict oneself by boasting of both his lances and shields simultaneously.

Idiom 10
Idiom 10:Sai4 weng1 shi1 ma3
The old man on the frontier lost his horse.

Idiom 11
Idiom 11: Jing1 wei4 tian2 hai3
The "Jingwei" bird trying to level up the sea.

Idiom 12
Idiom 12: Tang2 bi4 dang1 che1
A mantis trying to stop a chariot.

Idiom 13
Idiom 13: Qi3 ren2 you1 tian1
Like the man of Qi who was haunted by the fear that the sky might fall.

Idiom 14
Idiom 14: Zheng4 ren2 mai3 lu3
A person of Zheng buying his shoes.

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