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Page 2 - Daoist (Taoist) Immortals


Han Xiang

It is said that Han Xiang Zi was a nephew of Han Yu. He has a bright and unrestrained disposition. He was carried by his teacher and master to the magic peach tree, where grew the immortal peaches... there an accident occurred (he fell from the branches), and he became an immortal. Once, in early winter, he made the peony flowers blossom in different colors, all within a few days...and inside each of the blossoms was a small poem. His uncle Han Yu was amazed and surprised at this skill level. He is usually pictured carrying a flute and is considered the "patron saint" of musicians.


Zhang Guo Lao

Zhang Guo Lao lives in seclusion on mount Zhong Tiao. During the Tang Dynasty, he was already reported to be over 200 hundred years old. Once, Empress Wu Zhe Tiang dispatched officers to call upon him and bring him back for questioning, but he pretended to be dead...afterwards, some people met him walking around Mount Heng. He was invited by Xuan Zong, the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, to demonstrate his magic arts (he was a famous magician of the 7th and 8th centuries). He typically is pictured riding a white donkey with his back forward. The donkey is capable of running thousands of miles each day. According to lengend, when he needs to rest, he folds up the white donkey and hides it in a small box. He usually carries a musicial instrument, a bamboo tube beaten by two rods which are carries inside the tube.


Lu Dong Bing

; Also called Lu Yan (Chun Yang Zi is another alias). He was a native of Zhong Fu during the Tang Dynasty. When he was young, he tried twice but could not pass the highest imperial examination. When he was sixty-four years old, he met Han Zhong Li, who gave him a lesson in the magic arts. He now lives in Mount Zhong Lan to cultivate himself according to the religious doctrines of Daoism. He named himself Hui Dao Ren. It is said that he once beheaded a flood dragon. He often plays with a crane in Yue Yang City, and drinks copious amounts of wine. He was granted a magic sword as a reward for overcoming ten temptations. This sword is his trademark and he is usually pictured with it and uses it to combat various evils on earth.


Han Zhong Li

Zhong Li is his last name and Quan is his first name. Tie Guai Li helped him learn the religious doctrine of Daoism in the mountains. After finishing his Daoist studies, he went back to the earthly society. He beheaded a tiger with a flying sword and touched a stone and turned it into gold... giving the wealth to the poor. He left the earth for the heaven with his brother. He also helped Lu Dong Bin achieve immortal status. It is said that he lived several hundred yuears before the Christian eara, and is said to be able to revive the souls of the dead with his magic fan, which is his trademark.

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